Getting the right Vitamins via nutrition or Suppliments
Fisetin has shown anti-cancer activity in studies on cells and model animals conducted in laboratories, and appears to block the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway. In lab studies it also has been shown to be an anti-proliferative agent, interfering with the cell cycle in several ways. Fisetin, like some other flavonoids, has been found in lab studies to be a topoisomerase inhibitor, which may turn out to be a carcinogenic activity or an anti-cancer activity

It’s customary for guests to shower before getting in a Jacuzzi or pool at the clubs, just because other dip shits or newbies might do it does not mean you should

Bring your own sandals to avoid athlete’s foot which is common in the clubs and contracted in warm, wet areas like the locker rooms and showers. Don’t wear the same footwear you wear outside the clubs inside

No sandals at FKK Clubs allowed

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