Below is a general idea of the area our longer 6 and 8 day tours cover.
Our tours are designed to offer the best variety of club visits in the shortest amount of time. The Agenda changes often to adjust to where the best women and service are. The fact is it’s a constantly changing business, clubs come and go. New clubs constantly open, some worth your time, some not. It’s impossible to stay at one hotel location and have the ability to visit a wide range of clubs. Many are in fact popular tourist traps where the common newbies and tourists are taken advantage of. We take the wasted time, common mistakes and rip offs out of your visit. Learn from the pros, get your info from the source not second or third hand info common on the internet. Far too much info is false or planted by dishonest clubs, girls, guests or providers. Why trust second hand info from someone you don’t know who only wants to pretend their knowledgeable by promoting a fake screen image? We hear it all the time from new guests who assume everything they read is fact valid info. Our guides are in Germany, speak the language fluently and have contact with actual owners and management, our info is first hand and up to date. Another newbie mistake is second hand gossip from the working women which some guests accept as first hand factual. We’ve found most info posted to the internet from the women to be assumed at best and inaccurate after verifying it with the source. You get what you pay for, if the FKK Club tour service you select has no actual long term experience or club contacts other then (I’ve been before or I was a customer) then take note. You might as well just take a taxi. Worse, many of these unscrupulous operators are nothing more than scammers trying to make a buck off unknowing newbies. They’ll make claim to knowing the best clubs, women etc. They’ll even offer low ball rates to get you to bite. They’ll come pick you up in old outdated cars. Most of their ideas, business models and info comes from our site. We find our info cut and pasted to theirs all the time.  “Over 20 years of experience for a reason”.

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