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Example: Which clubs are open, how many women are working, what’s the best clubs?
Answers to the above are only provided to actual customers who are attending an FKK Club FKKtour.
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  • Types of German FKK Club Tours
  • Costs of FKKTOUR Group and Private tours
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We understand you may have questions about FKKTOUR and FKKTOUR Products so we have provided links below to help you get answers to your questions quickly. FKKTOUR has been serving the FKK Club scene in Germany since 1995. With more FKK Club connections to management and experts no one compares to our services or reputation. Rest assured you’ll never be asked to send cash or make unsecured payments. Your payment to FKKTOUR is protected by your credit card bank (please check with them if you’re not aware of this fact). Remember if it’s too cheap to believe it’s probably a scam.
When requesting information about FKKTOUR’s trips please include the trip date in the subject heading and as much specific info as possible so we can answer your FKKTOUR questions in detail.

Please visit the LINKS provided below BEFORE you send you request as the FKKTOUR info you may need may already be seconds away.


Types of FKKTOUR Tours
What’s it Costs and Details (more info)

If you need a last minute tour (Within 7 days of the tour date) please fill out the correct form when you decide which type of tour you require.Day or Hourly tours require a prepaid deposit and some advance notice. Sorry guides are not standing around idle waiting.

FKKTOUR offers organized, professional trips to Germany’s Best FKK Clubs. We’re not a free service that answers questions regarding clubs, travel or general adult info.

If you want us to help plan your trip we offer a $50 per hour fee. 

Should you have non tour related questions, please use the links below:

I need info about Germany
I want general info about FKK Clubs in Germany
Do you have a list of all the German FKK Clubs?
I need info about other countries
Please check our FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) which may have the answers to your questions BEFORE you contact us.

Be sure to check out our newest pages:

Trip Planning, things to know before you go
What will a tour cost me? Know costs before you go
Current Airfares to Frankfurt AM Main and ticket deals
What do the women look like Check out our actual women photo section
Check out our new Inside the CLUBS Videos section for actual in club videos

If you’re interested in a FKKTOUR tour or have other site related questions, please use a link below:

Time left till the next FKKTOUR 6 and 8 Day Group tour

I’m NOT sure what kind of FKKTOUR tour I need, see this LINK
I’m interested in an Hourly FKKTOUR Tour (6 Hours or more)
I’m interested in a FKKTOUR Group Tour (1 or more days)
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We’re located in Germany but have operators in the US

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FKKTOUR is here for you when you need us most. With over 25 years of experience and service, you can count on us. We don’t cancel tours like some operators,  who are nothing more than amateurs with a car and minimal club experience. Use the form on this page or the Chat function at the bottom of the page. 10/05/2020

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