6 HOUR TOUR (Less or more)
If you can’t attend one of our pre-planned group tour dates listed HERE, we offer Hourly Tours (6 hours). Hourly Tours include your own guide, pick up from the airport or hotel, transportation to and from (1) club and return transportation to the airport or hotel. Our guide will accompany you to the club and remain with you while you’re at the club. Translation, explanation of how things work and often recommendations are included. You decide when you want to go, although many clubs are open from 11am-5am, afternoons and evening are best. The 250 Euro cost is for 6 hours; that’s our minimum.  Should you want to stay less than 6 hours, it’s the same rate.  Should you want to visit more than one club during your 6 hours, see the added fee below. Should you need more than one day, we can offer you a Custom Tour at prevailing prices, based on your itinerary.

Guides are not waiting at an office for you to arrive and give us a call. All our guides need advance notice.  Advance notice means: at least 48 hours or more; however, the less advance notice, the bigger chance we won’t be able to find an experienced available guide. Thus, it’s strongly advised to book weeks or months in advance.  We require a small $35 US dollars deposit to book your guide with a Credit card, made HERE.  Sorry, but we don’t have an office that you can come to when you arrive in Germany. We also don’t give out our guide’s phone numbers for you to call WITHOUT a deposit.

6 Hour option was never designed to replace normal group tours. It’s more geared to the guest who wishes to go privately, a long airport flight layover, limited funds or can’t attend the group trips on our calendar. We reserve the right to refuse or not provide services if your needs are above and beyond what works for our guides. They are in no way servants, slave workers which can be ordered around. Think of them as skilled advisors or wing men. Day/Hourly is as the name designed for a few hours or a day.

Normal group tours consist of normal everyday men from the US, Japan, Australia and the rest of the world. Single and attached, professional and non-professional. Guests range from 24-74 with an  average age of 34. Group tours allow you to experience a wider number of the best clubs (not all clubs are the same or the best) selected by your guide, which changes all the time. Designed to visit the right club on the best day and time. Usually, there are other repeat guests to share your time and their experiences. Our best and most experienced guides are reserved for our group tours. Read our testimonials and “From a Customer’s Perspective” for a better ideal. If you want the true, ultimate German FKK Club experience, select as a minimum our 6 day. Remember you’ll need time to adjust when you arrive, i.e. jet lag, get used to the system how it works and by the time you’re up to speed 6 days will be over like nothing. Almost all guests after attending admit 8 days it best.

3, 6 and 8 Day tours are totally different
They Don’t include the following:
Private Hotel room
24 hour guide/driver (for the group as a whole)
Limited to club selection and quality
Club assortment of over a 200km spread
NOTE: If you want to use the Hourly/Day tour option instead of an actual 6 to 8-Day trip, then you need to figure in all the additional costs below. If you wish to do additional driving (more clubs or cities) with this option, there’s a fuel and mileage charge plus costs for the guide’s accommodations should he need to be away from his home base.
Please use the contact form below if this works for you and we’ll work on the numbers.

Should you want a multi day group style experience without other guests or not on the group tour dates shown, look into our custom or private tour option

Hourly Tour can be less than 6 hours, 220 Euro minimum fee
(1) one club
(6) hours
Time begins when guide picks you up and ends when guide drops you off.
So plan on at least 1 hour getting to a club and 1 hour getting you back.
Fifty Euros Deposit in $ ($50US dollar deposit) advance booking required
Deposit must be pay via credit card via our secure discreet payment link
All other payments must be in CASH Euros to the guide directly (No exceptions)
Payment is due when the guide arrives

To book an Hourly Tour, we require a Fifty US dollar deposit PAID HERE
Note: Payment is discreet and done via SAFE SECURE SERVER

The balance of 200 Euros cash is then payable to the guide upon arrival.

1. Figure out the day and time you require a guide.
2. Fill out this form HERE.  Make sure you complete all the questions.
3. If you’re in a rush and need a guide within 72 hours, make a deposit HERE NOW.

If we can’t find an available guide, we’ll refund the deposit.
Your charge card will show a generic company name.
We understand being discreet. Nothing will be mailed to you and no one will call you.

Our shopping cart does NOT actually charge your card. It encrypts the info and sends
it to us. Then, only after we confirm an available guide will we attempt to charge the card.
Just because our shopping cart accepts your card does not mean it was billed or is valid.
Make sure the card has an available balance and is valid before you use it.

Once we receive the form above, we’ll check for an available guide. When the guide confirms,
we’ll send you his email address and phone number, plus info you requested.

The guide will meet you at the time and place you requested. If our guide is meeting you
at the airport or train station, please make sure you include a good description of yourself;
what you look like, clothing you’re wearing, anything to help find you in a crowd.
When the guide arrives, he’ll need to be paid the balance 190 Euros in cash up front.
After your tour, the guide will return you to your hotel or airport.

We charge 250 Euros (Fifty Euros in advance via a deposit in $US)
Any additional persons are 50 Euros each.
You still need to pay your entry fee and entertainment costs for any services while at
the club. Your deposit must be paid by credit card. The balance is due in cash (Euros)
when the guide arrives for pickup. Our fee only includes one guide with transportation
to and from the club. The guide will also be with you for a period of 6 hours or less.

What clubs will you take me to?
That depends.  You can request one, or we can pick the club.

I have a 6-hour layover at the Frankfurt am Main (FRA) airport. Can you help me?
Yes, we can pick you up, get you to the club and back to the airport to catch your flight.

Once I pay your fee, what else do I need to pay for?
You pay your entry fee to the club,  typically 50–75 Euros, you pay for your entertainment costs which start at 50 Euros per 30 minutes.

What if I want to go to two clubs during my tour?
No problem, there is an additional fee to cover fuel and costs above
Your original fee only covers one club.

How will I find the guide?
Our guides have cell phones and can contact you via a secure text messaging system.
They’ll include their description and where to meet them or pick you up.

How far away are these clubs from the city center or airport?
Some are as close as 20 minutes, while others are one hour away.
Traffic and time of day will also factor into travel time.

If I bring a friend, is there a discount?
Yes, 50 Euros for each additional person.

What cities are included in a tour?
Frankfurt (within 75km)
Cologne (within 75km)
Düsseldorf (within 75km)
Stuttgart (within 75km)
Sorry, but we don’t offer service in Munich or Berlin.

What happens at a club or on tour?
This link explains group tours, but some of the info is the same for Hourly tours (6 hour tour).

How long have you been doing these tours?
Since 1995, longer than anyone. Most of our business is repeat customers.
Due to the increase in our business and popularity, advance booking is suggested.

Can you give me a phone number now to call the guide when I arrive?
Once you make your reservation, a phone number will be provided.
You can contact us before your tour for info and questions,  HERE

Do you have an office I can go to when I arrive?

Can I call the guide when I arrive and negotiate?

Does the price you charge include hotel, entry or the women?
For Hourly Tours, no.

What if I ask for a guide within 24 hours or less?
We usually require at least 48 hours advance notice. Chances are slim with less than 24 hours’ notice that we’ll be able to find an available guide. It’s best to contact us as far in advance as possible. Months or weeks are best.

Still have questions? Check our Common Questions and Answers HERE
What do the clubs and women look like?  Check it out HERE

If you still have questions that have not been answered above, contact us using the form below:
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