Trip Details
We understand you have questions about joining a tour, costs, logistics and what’s included:
Note if you’re asking “What clubs do you visit” you won’t find that info here. Truth is we have over 25 years of experience so no one knows better which clubs to visit and when. Most people asking for such info are just “data mining” for free info. Due to Security and company policy, we can’t provide info about the clubs we visit. Should that be important to you and a deciding factor, please use one of our contact forms and send the clubs you want to visit, and we’ll do our best to let you know if they’re included.

Multi Day Group Tour Packages include the following but fall only on the dates shown HERE
Should you not be able to attend a tour on the dates above, check out our Private Custom Tours.

Multi Tour Packages include:
Hotel Details
Airport pick up and return
Transportation to and from the clubs
Limited sightseeing
Experienced guide and driver (over 20 years experience, not just someone who has visited a few clubs)
Guides personally know the staff, owners and girls (huge advantage)
Info such as culture, history, rules, suggestions and advice to find exactly what you seek
Fluent English (native speakers) not someone not from Germany with basic English
Fluent German, never assume things when you have someone who knows the language

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