Our FKK Travel hotels are modern, clean and comfortable with free Wi-Fi. Each guest will have their own private room and bath with a Color flat screen TV. Note, you won’t spend much awake time within the confines of your room because the action is at the FKK Travels. For the most part, you’ll meet each day around 10am and return to the hotel around 12:00am to midnight each night. ┬áBreakfast is available at the FKK Travel hotel. However, the group usually enjoys breakfast with a view at the Travels. ┬áSome of the Travels even offer cooked-to-order hot breakfast. Check in time starts at 2pm.

Our hotel is ONLY available to guests who join purchase one of our Travel packages HERE

fkk tour hotel fkk club germany tour comfortable sleep quarters

Comfortable rooms with double or single beds for your FKK Travel stay

Enjoy a large single bed during your FKK Tour FKK Club adventure

Get some well-deserved rest at our accommodations with large Queen sized beds

Breakfast with FKK Tour before visiting the FKK Clubs in Germany

Breakfast with FKK Travel before visiting destinations in Germany

Official FKK Tour hotel for FKK Club tours

Clean, Modern Hotel to make your stay at our FKK Travel Hotels feel like home




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