1. Group 6 or 8 Days
2. Day/Hourly (1-6 hours) See details below


More Details:

What type of tour is best for you?
1. Is cost a factor? If yes, then joining an existing 6 or 8 Day Group Tour makes the most sense.
Check for the next group tour HERE

2. Are you limited to when you can attend a tour? If no, then join a tour on the dates shown HERE or pick your dates and use Private Custom Tours

3. You’re on layover, only have a few hours, a couple of days and have your own hotel? Then use our Hourly Day Tour option.


NOTE: Group tours include hotel are more club intensive, this means you’ll visit 1–2 clubs each day. Spend more time at the clubs and have more guidance from a full-time guide who will offer more intel for several days. Day tours are of short duration and usually only one club. While FKK Clubs are for all day fun, some people just don’t have the time.

6 or 8 days, you travel with other guests, hotel is included, available only on select dates.
(See calendar for dates) Note: 3 Day tours have been discontinued.

One price includes hotel and transportation (While on tour) for a 6 or 8-day period, See 1 – 2 clubs a day for a 6 or 8-day period. Package price is paid in US dollars, no need to exchange to Euros Be part of a group of new and experienced travelers who speak English Share information, experiences and make new friends during your stay Save money, one price includes your logistics expenses (Tour cost does not include club entry fees or cost of entertainment or airfare)


Group tours include hotel, transportation, airport pick up and drop off, driver, translation and guide 24/7 during the tour. These tours are held multiple times during the year.
You can find the dates of Group tours HERE.
We also offer a common question and answer page HERE.
Please read the page before you contact us with questions that may already be answered therein.


2196 Euros* $2,399 US Dollars 6 Days
2562 Euros* $2,799 US Dollars 8 Days

*Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change, Remember rates are in US Dollars.
No currency exchange fees.

See Advance booking page for DISCOUNTS ON THIS FARE
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Time left until the next 6 and 8 Day Group tour

6 HOUR OR LESS TOUR, /strong> no hotel included, includes up to 6 hours of time for the standard rate. Hourly tours are great for those who wish to visit just one club, have a long layover, or want privacy. You can extend an Hourly tour or add days or hours. For example, if you wanted to visit more than one club per day, you could extend the Hourly tour with additional hours for an additional rate. Travel time from your hotel, airport or train station and back will be considered as part of the 6 hours. For example, if you select to visit a club one hour away from your hotel, the time needed to get to the club and return from the club will be deducted from your included 6 hours. (check availability)

Easy to add a guided tour to an existing trip to Germany, visit a specific club, get personal service with your own guide.  Hotel, train station or Airport pick up Price does not include accommodations, use your existing hotel. No need to rent a car, buy insurance, fuel or figure out driving directions. Your guide speaks the language, knows the clubs, the culture, the people and the women (Tour cost does not include club entry fees or cost of entertainment)

Hourly tours are for 1 or more persons, having their own accommodations. We provide a fluent German and English-speaking guide with a vehicle who’ll pick you up. The basic tour lasts (6) hours or less and includes (1) club. We provide a vehicle, fuel and insurance. You pay your own club entry fee and whatever entertainment costs you encounter with the women.
Please see the common questions and answers page with costs, clubs and other info HERE.

Cost is 250 Euros, 6 Hour tours require notice and a deposit of $50US with a balance of 200 Euros is payable in cash (EUROS ONLY) when you first meet your guide in Germany.
50 Euros for each additional person.
20 Euros Add extra hours
90 Euros additional clubs
Please fill out this form HERE to request an Hourly tour. 48 hour notice suggested.
More details and Info on Hourly tours HERE 

$749 per day
(1 person)
$649 per day (per person when 2 persons attend)
$549 per day (per person when 3 persons attend)
Please contact us for extra days and extra persons.
Note, the above prices are based on your own group of guests you supply.


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