Why worry about the small stuff, hotel bookings, transportation, language, which clubs are best, pitfalls and rip-offs. We see the newbies who make the common mistakes all the time and make total fools of themselves as they arrive unknowing with questionable internet info. You can get your info direct from the 25 year + experienced experts or someone who claims to know it all and hides behind an unknown profile. Please keep in mind their opinion on what is good or best may differ from yours. We specialize in taking out the risk, maximizing your time and fun, allowing you to concentrate on what counts. It should be known that your chances of “GFE service” are increased when you travel with us. The recent law change made BBBJ illegal. Newbie’s and guests who are not well known by the women will often be up charged and or denied such services. We constantly see it, “I was told on the internet how easy it is to do yourself” yet those newbie’s find out quick they don’t get the same level of service when traveling with a well-known group. The girls know that going above and beyond for a group member will mean the others follow, plus when a guide introduces you, there’s an incentive for the provider to provide better service. After all, if you’re just a one-time tourist they have no idea if you’ll ever come back, so why waste the time impressing you. We’re proud of our reputation and the fact that you’re protected when booking with us. We only accept bank protected credit card payments. Check with your credit card company for more about how your booking is protected.

$297 Dollars per night*

Beware of FKKTOUR imposters:

Who copy and paste our content. Their pages stand out with poor English and grammar, often copied text and concepts (We were first to provide 6 and 8 day packages) similar to our pages. We get the data, info directly from club owners, while they steal this info and post it to their pages. Take care when dealing with companies who want cash, wire transfers up front or cash when you arrive.  We’re the best for a reason, with over 30 years of service and experience with the best clubs

Time left until the next 3, 6 and 8 Day Group tour

2,349 USD converts to 2.157 EUR *Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change. Remember this is in US Dollars No Foreign Transaction fees approx 3% extra

6 and 8 Day Group Tour Rates
No combining advance booking or other discounts


6 Days 1694 Euros* $2480 US Dollars
8 Days 1863 Euros* $2850 US Dollars

6-Day Tour Advance Booking Rates 

60 Day 5% OFF Advance Rate
90 Day 10% OFF Advance Rate
120 Day 15% OFF Advance Rate 

8-Day Tour Advance Booking Rates 

60 Day 5% OFF Advance Rate
90 Day 10% OFF
Advance Rate

120 Day 15% OFF Advance Rate 

6 Day rate converted to Euros 2,399 USD converts to 2.203 EUR
Cost Per day for 6 Day tour 399 USD converts to 366 EUR
8 Day rate converted to Euro 2,799 USD converts to 2.570 EUR
Cost Per day for 8-Day tour 349 USD converts to 320 EUR
*Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change. Remember, rates are in US Dollars, No currency exchange fees. Prices are subject to change without notice. Offers only valid for advance payment

Just 297 USD converts to 273 EUR per day includes hotel, Free Wi-Fi, ground transportation, discount club entry, fluent English and German – speaking 24 – hour guide and driver. We pick you up from the airport and arrange it all for you. Nothing to do but arrive. We’ve been making it simple for over 30 years. Trusted by more guests than anyone else, period. Packages are in US dollars, no exchange fees or devaluation.

Discounts CAN NOT be combined with advanced purchase rate or any other discount (one discount per booking). Discounts below must be made 90 days before the first day of tour. Please contact us via the form below to request discount codes

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