THIS FORM IS TO REQUEST A DAY TOUR (By the hour, 6 hours or less or more) RESERVATION

Please include as much detail and info as possible.
We require notice and deposit to reserve your guide.
Guides are not standing by 24 hours waiting for you to call without notice.
Due to security reasons, we won’t provide a guide’s phone number or contact information until a deposit is paid. Deposit will be refunded in full should we be unable to reserve your guide.

What type of tour do you need? See this LINK
What does it cost? 6 hour tour cost is 250 Euros Payment in HERE
What do the women look like? See this LINK
Common Questions and Answers? See this LINK

6 Hour tours can be less than 6 hours, it depends on how much time you have. It’s the same rate whether you book 1 hour or 6. Have a long airport layover, we pick you up, get you to the best club, then return you to the airport. We also pick up from Hotels and train stations. Need more than 6 hours, just add more 6 hour tours. 6 Hours per day is the suggested time for a day of fun. Visit for more info and details

Contact us as soon as possible with your arrival date and time.
The less notice provided, the less chance we’ll be able to find an available guide.
We offer two types of tours: Group tours, which are only available on dates shown HERE.
Day Tours or 6 Hour tour which is explained HERE, 6 Hour tours require notice and deposit.
If you’re short on time (booking with less than 48 hours notice) it’s best to make the deposit NOW Here, the deposit will be refunded if we can’t find an available guide. Please don’t ask us to give you details. Ask specific questions. Prices are also displayed at, so please don’t ask for prices. Thank you

We only offer service within 100km of Frankfurt, Cologne or Düsseldorf. We do not service Munich or Berlin.

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