Guides vary in Experience depending on the tour.
We assign the most experienced guides to our 8, 6 and most 3 day tours as well as custom private tours. Hourly/Day Tours are operated by independent contractors not direct employees of FKKTOUR. We do our best to interview, train and select the most reliable, skilled and knowledgeable guides.

We’ve been established for over 25 years, we offer more guides and tours than anyone. An important question to ask when looking for guide services, how long, how many and do they really know management at the clubs. Does your guide speak fluent English and German? The first give away is their website and English level. Want the best THEN don’t Trust the rest, FKKTOUR is the Original, most professional and popular FKK CLUB Tour provider in the world.

30 Years Plus MOST experience
Most Club connections
Most talent knowledge
Does not get any better
Than this

20 Years Plus HIGH level of experience
More Club connections
More talent knowledge
Advanced knowledge
Excellent understanding

10 Years Plus GOOD experience level
More Club connections
More talent knowledge
Know more than most
Larger experience of clubs

5 Years or less GOOD experience
Familiar with most clubs
Has talent knowledge
Good deal of knowledge
Good understanding of the clubs

We take pride in having the most information, our own detailed Ultimate FKK List
We take our guests to the best clubs because we want you to have the best time and become an appreciated repeat guest. Beware of the copy cats who bring their guest to clubs who offer them kick backs for each guest. This has always been against our rules and logic. We handle both the Frankfurt, Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf areas.

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