FKK stands for “Frei Korper Kulture”, or Free Body Culture, and was derived from a term referring to nudists. Searching the internet for FKK alone, you’ll find the term relates more to nudism. When related to “FKK Clubs”, it means a club where the women are totally nude. The staff are NOT nude and not to be confused with Swinger Clubs where this is sometimes the case. FKK Clubs almost always contain saunas, steam baths, whirlpools, pools, tanning booths and massage services as they’re also health spa oriented. Clubs include beverages such as soft drinks, water, juices, coffee and tea as well as alcohol, which can include beer and hard drinks. Food is common as the goal is to keep the customer in the club for as long as possible.

While at first it might seem odd to spend more than an hour at an FKK Club, men come to relax as well as enjoy the services of women. FKK Clubs are usually spacious, luxurious and meticulously well maintained. You’re free to roam the gardens, main lounge and health facilities, which can contain women as well as men. Being a nudist style club, the women are totally nude with the exception of high heels. Beautiful eye candy is everywhere, which you’re welcome to stare at as much as you want and makes time fly by. Hungry?  Just stop by the dining area for a full course meal, BBQ or simple cold cut sandwiches. During the warmer months of the year, people are outside in full force enjoying the sun or pool. Some clubs even offer outdoor activities such as ping pong and volleyball. Enjoy your German sausage, beer and local treats outside around the BBQ during the warm months.

The difference with FKK Clubs is you’re only charged by the women when using their services. This is the way it was meant to be; not where men pay for every minute of a woman’s time. You only pay for the actual services when you want them. Pressure sales and aggressive tactics are frowned upon at many clubs and actually not permitted at most of them. The men are required to approach the women if they desire their company. It’s not uncommon for men to stay all day at a club after paying a small entry fee that includes parking, food, drink and use of the facilities.

Think about it; while in the US it’s common to pay an entry fee to get into a strip club, pay for drinks, tip the dancers and then pay additional charges for other services for a night or day of entertainment. In FKK Clubs you’ll experience totally naked women in natural lighting conditions and even outdoors where you decide if you want to indulge in other activities. The Service is what sets an FKK Club apart from other adult entertainment options. FKK Clubs have service standards and rules which the women must abide by; that is, they’re expected to give a certain level of quality service.

The term “GFE”, or Girl Friend Experience, is common in German FKK Clubs. Kissing is standard as well as GFE services without the same barriers one expects from a stranger. FKK Clubs provide a clean, safe, legal, relaxing environment where you can take your time to view up to 120 international women, aged between 18 and 28. All without being rushed or forced into a decision to do anything! The fact that the women are totally nude allows you to see exactly what you’re getting; no super dark rooms or clothes to hide imperfections or out of shape bodies. Many clubs open as early as 10am and close as late as 5am.  Many include satellite big screen TV’s with local sports events or adult programming.

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