Remember, you pay us in U.S. Dollars (No foreign transaction fees or currency exchange charges).
We offer discreet billing, “Non-adult related” categorization, charged via a SAFE and secure HTTPS link.

1. Airfare: Depends on what month you travel and from what city of origin
2. Logistics: This is set, depending on which tour you book
3. Club entry: This is a reasonable estimate (shown below)
4. Entertainment: This cost depends on how many sessions per day you choose to have

Example, traveling from the west coast:
$1,200 Airfare (rate depends on your airline
$1,999 6 Day Tour
500 Euros Club Entry total (based on a 6 day tour)
800 Euros Entertainment total (based on a 6 day tour)

Depends on city of origin.
Use one of the popular travel search sites to get an idea. You’ll be flying to Germany’s (FRA) Frankfurt am Main International airport.
Determine the dates of your travel; for 6-8 Day Group tours, check our calendar HERE
Kayak.com   Expedia.com   Hotwire.com   Priceline.com  SkyScanner.com

TIP: Remember to alter the dates (stay a few days longer or arrive early, sight-seeing on your own, etc.) to potentially lower the fare.

Make sure to check out several low cost airlines for even lower prices.
Wo-wair.us    Aerlingus.com    Condor.com

Example fares
USA East Coast
USA West Coast
USA Midwest

All you need to do is arrive at FRA airport. Our guide or driver will meet you just minutes away. Our pick up location provides FREE Wifi and comfortable waiting area in case you arrive early.
We include all your transportation during your stay with us. Airport pick up, return and transportation to and from the clubs each day. Plus, sight seeing (if available during your tour) is included at no extra charge. You’ll enjoy a private, single occupancy room with bath, TV and FREE Wifi.

Each day, you’ll be transported to select clubs. You’ll travel in unmarked private vehicles with other guests who speak English.

Approximately 500 Euros (10 Clubs for a 6 day tour). Includes all your food, drink, snacks, visuals and comforts for the day.
Approximately 600 Euros (12 Clubs for 8 day tour). Includes all your food, drink, snacks, visuals and comforts for the day.

Use this formula for an estimate:
The standard rate at the clubs is 60 Euros (62 U.S. Dollars) for 30 minutes. 30 Minutes includes multiple positions, oral, DFK.
The average guest has 3-4 encounters per day. That would cost 60 Euros x 4 = 240 Euros, or $250 U.S. Dollars for 4 separate encounters per day.

Common Questions and Answers
Which cities do you operate out of? Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Dusseldorf.
Which clubs do we visit? If there are specific clubs you wish to visit, let us know.  You’ll find a list of some of the clubs we visit HERE.
What’s a typical day like? 11am to 12 midnight, you’re enjoying a relaxed day at the clubs. More details.
What is the average age of your guests? 35-55 years of age.
What kind of people attend these trips? Doctors, lawyers, bankers and IT professionals are common.

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