Germany is centrally located in Western Europe. As a first world country, Germans enjoy many of the same modern amenities that Americans do. Modern airports, safe drinking water, western medicine and a huge network of hospitals to name a few. Adult services are LEGAL in Germany, as opposed to countries where it’s merely tolerated. Women working in the trade can earn a great deal of money and offer service at a fair, set price. Workers in the trade are accepted and pay taxes just like any other service oriented worker. This means the trade is not driven by desperation or poverty like in many third world countries.

The German economy is built around high technology, such as the automotive industry and precision mechanics. Germans are more open to nudity and the concept of prostitution, which has been around for ages. Almost every German city has a red light district that is government controlled. Adult services are required to be out sight of children and the general public.

FKK Clubs are a combination of Swinger Club and bordello, where adults can mingle and enjoy adult entertainment behind closed doors without being judged by others. Germany is about 800 miles by 600 miles, about the size of the state of Arizona. Germany is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Disease wise, Germany falls far below even the US, and nothing compared to the negative stats of South America or Asia.

The German currency is the Euro, which is slightly higher in value than the US Dollar. Hotels and restaurants are among the best in the world and similar to those in the US. The cost of living can be compared to the US, but is generally more expensive. Problems from World War II are non-existent and people from every race and religion can be found living in Germany. The general public is varied and international people from every continent can be found. This is one of the strong points of FKK Clubs in Germany. Women from every continent can be found working in the FKK Clubs. There’s no need to settle for just Latin or Asian women. The variety is unlimited and prices are similar from club to club as a standard rate for service seems to hold.

While in the US services are rarely found for less than $200, in Germany 50 Euros is the going rate for service. Due to the vast amount of FKK Clubs and competition, workers take pride in their work and want customers to return. Thus, they offer good service expecting satisfied customers to return. This concept works well since most visitors to FKK Clubs are local men, not tourists who don’t usually return. The fact that the clubs want repeat business re-enforces this, thus they enforce service level rules for quality control. This sort of business sense, safety, variety and value for your money can’t be found anywhere else in the world. While you may be breaking the law in other countries or taking advantage of desperate women and poverty, in Germany this is NOT the case.

02/23/2017 J

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