German has several words for restroom, john, loo, or toilet, Die Toilette (toy-LET-tuh), like English toilet. Das WC (vay-tsay) is from English “water closet” or WC. More slang is das Klo (toilet or toilet bowl), short for das Klosett, which is short for “water closet.” In Germany today, the more common word for restroom or toilet is die Toilette. Look for signs read “WC” or “Toilette.” (Notice that the various toilet words have different genders. Damen “Women” Herren “Men.

You will probably have to pay to use a public toilet
Train stations and department stores there’s usually an attendant or a coin-operated turnstile, normal rate is 50 euro cents. Train stations and autobahn rest stops have commercial pay toilets that charge 70 euro cents entry.
Two flush buttons
Most German toilets have two flush buttons. The larger button is for larger matters, while the smaller button is for smaller matters.
Das Pissoir (Outdoor Urinal)
(Das Pissoir), a male standing urinal, You may be a bit shocked to see the lower pant legs and shoes of men using this facility, although some pissoirs are more enclosed.

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