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If you want to apply to become a guide for FKKTOUR.com, see this LINK

Not just anyone can be a guide; guides should be fluent in German and English at a minimum, have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance coverage.

You should have several years of FKK Club experience, including a good understanding of the business, rules, laws and women.  Are you good with people? Enjoy spending time at the clubs and traveling in Europe?

Club tours are NOT the same as normal sightseeing tours. You need an understanding of matching the customer with what he needs. Our best guides know how to match the customer up with the best provider, one who’ll maximize their experience. It’s never been just about pointing out a bunch of pretty faces to guests. It’s similar to fine wine and knowing your stock.

Basics Guides are expected to know and have a good understanding of:

  1. History of the FKK clubs
  2. Rules and Pricing of each FKK club
  3. Able to conduct a house tour of each FKK club, showing guests the layout and location of where things are
  4. Know how to get to the clubs without a GPS
  5. Able to speak fluent German with club management
  6. Grasp of German Culture and common manners
  7.  Basics on how to select the best provider

The mistake most guys make when they consider becoming a guide is that it’s all about them getting free club entry, spending all their time with the women. The fact is you’ll spend most of your time with your guests, not in the room with the women.

The position requires someone who is good with people, as well as networking and organizing a group. Guests always come first and it’s your responsibility that guests get to the clubs safely and avoid problems during their visit.

We provide guides the other guys can’t; guides with decades of experience, connections, knowledge and game. Any idiot can offer to drive you around to a few clubs and claim they’re the best, but it takes years to know this business. Too many guys visit a few times and think they know it all. That’s not who we hire.

Please do your best to fill out the form at the link above and include as much info as possible.
We will require a current photo. Failure to fill out the form completely or include a recent authentic photo means you application will be denied, so don’t waste your time.

Remember, our guides offer support to high end customers so it’s imperative we know the person taking care of them and their safety.  If you don’t wish to share such info you’re not qualified for the position.

It would be unacceptable to have to explain to our guests that we don’t have all your information.
Please consider that when applying. Note all info and photos will be held confidential

Thank you,

05/20/2019 UPDATE
German FKK Club Tour Guide

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