How to plan for an FKK Tour:

First, you’ll need to decide when you can attend and for how long

Our 6-8 day group tours are usually scheduled during a one week period. This means you start your tour on a Saturday or Sunday and end your tour on the following Saturday or Sunday.
More about all the different types of tours we offer can be found HERE

You’ll need a passport if you’re traveling from the USA or from other destinations outside the EU
US Residents don’t require a Visa
Getting a passport is easy but requires some time to process your application
Apply by Mail or Online
Apply in Person

Budget; how much will it cost?
We have an entire page devoted to costs HERE
Basic costs
1. Tour cost, which includes your hotel, all transportation while with the group plus guide
2. Airfare to and from FRA (Frankfurt am Main International Airport).
3. Entertainment costs; club entry fees and session costs
4. Other, minimal food and expenses

Once you find out approximately when you can attend a tour, check our calendar HERE for upcoming Group tour dates. 6 Day in RED, 8 Day in YELLOW. You can start looking for airfare. Remember, if coming from the USA you’ll lose a day when you depart and gain a day when you come home. Let’s say your first tour day is Sunday (for 6 Day Group tours).  You would need to book your airfare departing Saturday to arrive the next day, Sunday.  Your departure flight from Germany should be the day AFTER the day your tour ends. 6 Day Group tour’s last day is Friday, so you can depart on the next day, Saturday.

Times of arrival and departure that work best: You should be at the meeting point at FRA airport between 11am and 12:00 noon on your first day. Should you not be able to arrive on time, we offer a late pick up for 30 Euros from FRA. Make sure your flight has you arriving on the correct day and in sufficient time to get to the meeting point on time. The meeting point is about 10-15 minutes walk from Terminal 1. Upon arrival at FRA airport, it usually takes no longer than 60 minutes from arrival gate to meeting point. This includes going through passport control (where German customs checks your passport). If checking luggage, add an extra 30 minutes.

What to wear?
This will depend on the time of year.

Check the chart above for average temps.  In winter (November – March), gloves, scarf and warm hat are recommended. The rest of the year a light jacket (rain proof) is recommended. Regardless, most of the time you’ll be inside a heated club, hotel or vehicle. There are times when the group does some sight seeing, which would expose you to the elements.

Most people bring too much clothing when packing; a change of underwear every 3 days is adequate (remember you won’t be wearing it most of the day). Layers work best, which can be added and removed as the weather changes. You’ll be able to leave you jacket in the vehicle. Comfortable shoes with good traction work well, especially during winter weather.

Medication and drugs
Should you need to refill prescriptions, US or non-German prescriptions won’t be accepted in Germany, so make sure you bring extra medications. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra, while legal in Germany, require a prescription. Don’t plan on buying any in Germany, bring your own.

Money; how much to bring and getting money in Germany
Our cost page above gives you an idea of how much to bring. We recommend bringing some Euros to get started, but plan on stopping at ATM’s every other day to replenish your supply.
1. Contact your bank prior to departing (For ATM and Credit Cards) to let them know you’ll be traveling to Germany and for how long.
2. Ask your ATM bank for a larger withdraw limit, usually they’ll offer this for a week or two.

Where will you be?
You’ll Start your trip in Frankfurt am Main
You’ll be near Cologne and Dusseldorf most of the week
Maximum drive is 3 hours from Frankfurt am Main
About 300km, one direction

Once booked, we offer an extensive travel guide with everything you need to know about traveling with our group, including Cell phones, banking discounts, free club entries, health suggestions and general tips only available to our guests.

Clubs offer guests everything they’ll need for their visit which includes footwear, towels and/or robes (some locations men wear only towels), soap, showers, secure clothing lockers as well as security lockers for valuables.

One of the biggest benefits of traveling with our group is the expertise of guides with decades of experience. Real people with vast amounts of information coming from the source, not an unknown source on the internet who is assuming things. You’ll get info in plain English, not from a non-native English speaker. The exact rules, culture and history will be explained. Just meet your guide at the easy to get to (walk there indoors from your plane) meeting location that offers free Wifi. You’ll be in touch with your guide before you depart and during your travel with smart phone messaging. On time ETA messages and communications mean smooth travels in the event of delays or cancellations. We meet at a safe public area where you can relax, have something to drink or eat, do some quick shopping or just enjoy the view.

Meet your guide, hop into one of our vehicles and leave everything to us. No worries, enjoy the company and get up to date with people in the know who are at the clubs every month. Things change, and our guides and drivers keep up to date on info and changes as they occur.

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