Our Custom/Private tours come with very basic, clean, modern, safe accommodations. No telephone in the room, FREE Wifi, TV, private shower and toilet. Why? Because most of our guests spend most of their time at the clubs NOT the hotel

Should you want a higher level of Hotel you can book and pay for your own. There is no credit or discount because the guide will have to make special arrangements each day to come to pick you up and return you each night.

Location: Please check with us first BEFORE booking your own hotel so we can advise if the location works for your guide. Each city is different. You will also be responsible for lost time required because the guide will always require the 9 hour rule. Due to safety reasons your guide requires 8 hours sleep each night and one hour personal time. What this means to you is if the guide drops you off at 12:00 midnight and your hotel is a distance away from our standard hotel the guides 9 hours does not start until he gets back to his hotel. Not when he drops you off. Safety comes first, if you stay up late the last night and need to get to the airport your last day early, If your guide does not get his 9 hours your guide will not be able to drive you to the airport.

Which Hotel:
We’ll leave that up to you, closer to the airport is always better. Closer to city centers are usually less desirable as due to traffic, parking issues and crime it will almost always mean lost time.

Step One: Search for your desired hotel then contact our booking staff to ensure this works for your guide.


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