Wellcum FKK Club


Flussstr. 1
9601 Hohenthurn (bei Villach)

Tel.: 43 425520002

Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 01:30am
Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 03:00am

Entry 85 Euros

Approximately 60
70 Euros per 30 Minutes

Wellness accessories, use of wellness areas included

Food, drinks and coffee included, Alcohol extra
Finnish sauna, steambath, whirlpool, massage, outdoor pool


History Distance to Public Transportation
Wellcum is one of the largest clubs in Austria, a huge, modern glass, steel and concrete facility. A short drive off the main road to a remote area next to an alpine river. The majority of customers appear to be
Italian and with good reason due to the club being close to the Italian border. There’s ample parking in front and back of the club. A taxi may cost

Your 85 Euro entry fee gets you a locker, robe, slippers, towels, drinks and  a lavish buffet. It’s more like entering a bank of modern 
business. Once you pay your entry the locker room is just to the left of the front counter. Lockers are the automated type were you choose the vacant location, use your key to lock your clothing and valuables.
towards the rear right of the locker room is a restroom and entry to the main contact area. The women tend to be on the agressive side, I’d bet 90% Romanian, Modovian mix of talend with a few scattered other
countries mixed in. The first thing you notice is many of the women have adapted and learned some Italian so like me the first sales pitch was not in German rather Italian. There is a good number of slim and
attractive women to be found however it’s a bit of a turn off to not have a moment of quiet while one after another they approach with their own sales pitch. The goal is to get you to follow them up the stairway
to heaven at the back of the room. The dinning room and chicken are clean and well equipped, something you don’t always see. Self service softdrinks,coffee and tea  machines and the coffee is actually pretty
good. Food quality seemed to be above average for what you’d compare to typical German FKK Clubs. Nice selection and a step up in quality ingredients.

There’s a pool and nice garden area where you can enjoy the sun or just a nice cup of coffee. As you exit the locker room there’s a rest and relax area with padded loungers for those who need to catch up on 
you sleep. I’d say there are well over 75 women and at peak times that number may go over 100 but we’ve yet to confirm that.


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