Circolo Passion FKK Club


Grabenweg 65
6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: 43 512567890

Sunday – Thursday 13:00 – 02:00am
Friday-Saturday 13:00 – 4:00am

Entry 85 Euros

Approximately 50
70 Euros per 30 Minutes
60 Euros CIM

Wellness accessories,
use of wellness areas included.

Food, drinks and coffee included,
Alcohol extra, Finnish Sauna
Whirpool, massage, steam bath,
outdoor jacuzzi


History Distance to Public Transportation
Circolo Passion FKK Club is a true FKK Club as the women are totally nude, however the men are
furnished robes. The club is located in an industrial section of Innsbruck in a multi story modern rectangular
structure which appears to have been built with the purpose of being a club. Plenty of private parking hidden
behind a high stone wall which borders a round-about. Entrance is on the right side of the wall on Greisauweg.
At the rear of the structure is a lounge where the women and men are dressed with similar pricing but no sauna
facilities.You enter the FKK Club portion of the club at the far left, it’s a bit hidden so stay to the left
and look for the sliding electric glass doors, if the attendant is not present you’ll have to activate a bell
after which the doors with be activated. Upon entrance and paying your 85 euros up front, you’ll be issued a
robe and towel. The locker room is to the left of the front desk behind another door. Lockers are extra wide
so there is plenty of room for a backpack or a larger bag. Across the hall from the locker room is the
restroom and showers. Exit the locker room to the left down the hall brings you to the main contact room/bar
area. You’ll find most of the women hear on bar stools or the couch and table area. There is a stairway to the
right that leads upstairs to an outdoor area with one whirlpool, lawn chairs for sun bathing and some patio
tables with umbrellas.During the summer, you’ll find women sunbathing in the nude. Theirs also a BBQ area.
The second floor is where the sauna facilities are located. And some reclining chairs can be used for
relaxing and napping use. Downstairs, behind the bar, is a glass wall that separates the dining area from the
contact area and bar. Food is on the sparse side, with ample seating and tables for several dozen people.
Potatoes pancakes, pork in mushroom sauce with cold cuts and cheese were among the assorted food items
available, as well as a salad bar with soup. There was also fresh fruit, yogurt and dessert items. Food was
fresh and replenished as needed. The club is clean and modern and well furnished with plenty of places to sit
and relax.

Talent was for the most part Romanian and while there may have been a few Moldavian women, it was
almost impossible to distinguish them apart. One needs to take care in who you select as 3 women out of 4
were not interested in offering quality services, instead running up the clock by billing for shower time
before any actual adult services were performed, as well as killing time with offering a massage to pad your
70 Euros per 30 minutes. Women took turns to approach and do their best sales pitch. To the point you want
to leave or depart the contact area. While the rates in Austria appear to be for the most part 70 euros per
30 minutes, one gal asked for 65 for 30 minutes. Rates were not posted, and different pricing was for CIM or
extras depending on who you asked. Bar service was excellent, with good quality coffee and drinks.

Floor Plan
Public transportation:
30-minute walk from Rum b. Innsbruck
Bahnhof station, about 2.5Km away
The club is modern and clean. Decent food, but not on par with other
major clubs. Nice sauna facilities and plenty of parking, better than
average looking women but few to no 10’s, private parking not easily
seen from the street
Expensive compared to Germany, far too aggressive women,
women tended to upsell and pad your time.

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