Oase FKK Club

Ober-Erlenbacher-Straße 109
61381 Friedrichsdorf
Tel.: 49 6007 930643

Sunday-Tuesday 10:00 – 04:00am
Wednesday-Saturday 10:00 – 5:00am

Entry 70 Euros

Approximately 10-80
50 Euros per 30 Minutes
Girl Photos


6 Enter 4 Pay
All day any day 2 hours for 30E Entry
Wednesday Roll double 6 Free Entry
Thursday Lingerie Party (not totally nude)
Saturdays  DJ and Cocktails Party
Towels, Robes and slippers provided

Food, drinks and coffee included, Alcohol extra
10 Euro Bottled Beer
Outdoor Pool
1 Indoor 1 Outdoor Whirpools

History Distance to Public Transportation
Oase is one of the oldest clubs in the Frankfurt area. FKK is in force as the majority of women are in fact totally naked. Guest as of a several years ago now have the option of a robe. The club is located in a rural area north east of Frankfurt about 30 minutes away.  There is ample parking and the entrance is well marked from the main road. Oase has gone thru many phases over the years and as a direct result of the famed Atlantis club in Alten Stadt being closed Oase finally became a bigger player. Most of the women who worked at Atlantis went to work at Oase after Atlantis closed this also added to the customer base. Oase went thru some renovations years ago adding the porn kino and dance pole room.
Guests who visited Oase a decade ago will remember the pool which used to be located next to the restaurant area today which now has a large whirlpool. The last big installment was the 4 room VIP suites
located towards the back by the sauna. Each VIP suite consists of four rooms, an entry or greeting room, a whirlpool room and an office area with computer, internet and fax, a bedroom. Most local guests did not feel this was the best use of space as the club has always had a shortage of rooms for guests which can cause a cue on busy days. The other issue is beer is sold for 10 Euros a bottle which is on the high end. When the restaurant opened guests were required to pay for each pizza, salad or pasta dish. Soon thereafter guests with entry got one item included with entry fee. That may have changed again today as the competition with other Frankfurt clubs upping their game such as Mainhattan and Shark’s which offer a bit more for less.
Once you arrive at the entry down a path from the parking lot you’ll be buzzed into the club where the front desk resides. Oase dose offer the ability to pay your entry in US dollars however the rate is not always so favorable. They also accept credit cards which is not common among the clubs. You’ll be given towels and a robe plus a key to the security locker which is located just inside the entrance to the right after you leave the front desk. The locker room is straight ahead down the hall to the right downstairs. Note the urinals shaped like big women’s red lip mouths. Lockers are on the small side so take care with what you plan to bring into the club. Sometimes the front desk will allow you to store your suitcase behind the front desk.

There are showers and toilets downstairs next to the locker room. There is a second set of showers directly upstairs of the locker room towards the back next to the massage area. There are two bars one in the main contact area and one downstairs back next to the restaurant. It used to be common to take your selection to the Kino for a quick get to know her complete with some kissing and oral fun.

Oase has become popular with Oriental guests and for this reason it’s also gotten a reputation as a tourist trap, no longer the days of public sex or action taking place in the main room or kino. Since Orientals’ are easy prey to women who ask for extra for kissing, bbbj and a “great time” as opposed to a “good time”. The women have been getting away with this tactic and as a result attempt it with all guests. Even agreeing to a price first before going to the room can end in disaster as the women often won’t provide what they promise after which if you take the problem to the front desk management does nothing. The new law is partly to blame for this because law now states that a club cannot demand or force a woman to do something she does not want to do.

Oase is on the small side as the contact lounge area and dance pole room are the main areas of contact, low ceilings mean smoking is a problem as sometimes they divide the two rooms making one non-smoking however without a physical wall this does little to stop second hand smoke.

During warmer months the club has a nice open and fairly large garden area with pool and Jacuzzi. The decent sized stainless steel pool is not heated and can be on the cold side. There is a large soccer area that was added late in the game only to legally state the club is the biggest.

There have been articles written about Oase being the best brothel or FKK club but it’s obvious to people who have visited most of the clubs this is not the truth or fact. There are other options and clubs if you know where which are not subject to the constant price gauging and up selling


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