Frankfurt am Main Red Light District

FKKTOUR Frankfurt am Main RLD

Frankfurt am Main’s Red Light District (RLD) is one of the biggest of it’s kinds only smaller than Hamburg’s famed Reeperbahn. Adult Travel and Adult Entertainment is big business in Germany due to it’s being totally legal. Plus the fact Frankfurt hosts a huge number of seasonal conventions (Messe) as the call them in German. The area as Bahnhofsviertel (Tarnusstrasse) or Red Light District, just across the street from the Hauptbahnhof, is one of the largest red light districts in Germany. You’ll find what they call Eros Centers (Apartment like buildings), strip clubs, sex shops and hostess style bars (where women will converse with you while sipping the €50 drinks that you’re paying). Thus it’s important to know what you’re doing and with whom, make sure you’ll fully aware of pricing before entering any establishment or ordering any drinks. While others who have no actual experience in the RLD or Germany will comment about it being safe this is where most rip offs and scams take place. There are far better Adult Entertainment avenues and establishments such as the legal FKK Clubs and Sauna clubs.

The Red Light District is located in the seedy part of downtown (The Centrum) where drug use and crime is far more common. Take care where you walk especially the late nights early mornings. Parking can be tricky as well as a higher risk of break ins and damage to your vehicle. Since the EU things have gotten progressively worse at the Frankfurt am Main Red Light District due to the huge immigration of immigrants from countries like Romanian, Bulgaria, and Hungary etc. With that have come more criminals and con-artists that enjoy the easy pickings of Germany which was known for being safe and crime free. People in Germany just aren’t used to the crime that has arrived.

Eros Centers are licensed brothels, without a Madame or management, where working girls rent rooms by the day or hour, charge visitors upwards of €50 for twenty minutes of, Adult Entertainment services, whatever they call it. When her door is closed that means the working girl is occupied, while an open door means you can drop in and negotiate price. Eros Centers are usually located within four to six levels. As you climb up the stars the prices tend to come down as the rental rates drop because higher level floors are less visited. In fact some floors the nationalities will change from light to very dark if you know what we mean. As well the rates can change as well.

Monday – Sunday
10am – 4am
Note some locations may stay open 24

Rotes Haus 
Taunusstraße 34
60329 Frankfurt am Main
 +49 69 27107784

Sex Inn
Taunusstraße 27
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 251698

Eros Center Annabella
Taunusstr. 26
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 230759

Eros Center
Elbestr. 55
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 230763

Elbestraße 47
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 25667785

Taunusstraße 30
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Dance Pole Clubs
Pure Platinum
Elbestr. 46
+49 69 26 48 77 22

Swingerclub Emmanuelle
Westerbachstraße 70, 60489 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 36708031

Location is within 2 blocks of the Hauptbahnhof which can be used as your GPS location

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Daytime area around Frankfurt am Main Redlight Districtor or The Bahnhofsviertal

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