Atmos FKK Club


Grossmoorring 1
21079 Hamburg-Harburg


Tel.:49 040-3038650

Sunday – Saturday 13:00 – 04:00am

Entry 65 Euros
Service __ Euros per 30 Minutes

Approximately __

Wellness areas included

Food and drinks included, Alcohol extra
Sauna, steambath, pool, massage, solarium, Outdoor pool
Towels, Robes and
Bath slippers included


History Distance to Public Transportation
Floor Plan Located south of Hamburg the club is located in an industrial area. There is parking on the street and next to the club entrance right. Entrance is located on Grossmoring strasse. As you enter there’s a counter right to pay the entry fee. The club layout can be annoying with many twists and turns that require changing floors to get from one to another. The furthest to the left as you enter the club area (back of the club) is the restaurant. The restaurant had a decent selection of local food. There appears to be a cook on staff who freshly prepares the meals. Not far from the restaurant is the main contact area where the available women lounge around waiting for a guest. Once you find a woman the odd pricing structure begins. When we visited the new German law about BBBJ has just taken affect and the women were taking advantage of the law by up selling an extra 50 Euros for BBBJ. Not only that besides the standard 50 Euro per 30 minutes the women were asking for an extra 50 Euros for kissing and DATY. Parts of the club were very dark in lighting and mood. There is a pool close to the locker room area. The talent pool on the positive side was good, several German women even one we recall from Golden Time in Bruggen Germany. The selection as usual had several attractive RO women but also women from Germany, Turkey and other countries. The negative is the up selling which appeared to be standard among all the women. So look to pay easily 100 to 150 Euros for 30 minutes. The service level of the women was good so you do get what you pay for except you pay extra for it.
Other Women are NOT totally naked  

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