Example of one to three days for a Custom Private Tour or Hourly Tour
Let’ assume you’re interested in the following dates:
Day 1 September 16 Saturday (You arrive at airport, train station or we pick up from your hotel)
Day 2 September 17 Sunday
Day 3 September 18 Monday
Day 4 September 19 Tuesday You depart this day?

We offer (2) options

A. Day tour or hourly tour (No hotel)
250 Euros per day
Includes 1 club and 6 hours
Guide will pick you up from your hotel transport to club
and back to your hotel
(First day the guide could start the tour from the train station
and at the end of the tour drop you at your hotel)
Add hours 20e per hour, 90e extra club

B. Custom Private Tour includes Hotel
$649 US dollars per day paid in advance by credit card
Includes 10:30am – 1:00am time per day, 2 clubs
Guide picks up from airport, train station, hotel after which the tour
begins bringing guest to 1-2 clubs that day. Guide brings guest to hotel each evening.
Next day guest and guide visit 1-2 clubs, this is then repeated each day.

If you used the above option the total cost for 3 days
Total cost $1947 US Dollars
This must be paid in advance via credit card

Note: Tour hours can be changed however guides requires (9 hours rest) each night

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