Forget about the hassles of renting a car, which include insurance, European rules of the road, parking, fuel, GPS, photo radar and strict drunk driving regulations. Why worry about what time a train departs or arrives, the high cost of taxis, or the distance you still need to walk? With us, it’s door-to-door service, with nothing to do but relax, take in the sights. All you need to do is fly to Frankfurt am Main International airport (FRA), deboard your flight and your guide will be waiting. Throw your luggage in the back and hop aboard for a worry free visit to what, we feel, is the World’s best paid sex. FKK Club transportation should be comfortable and safe.

Your FKK Travel Transportation will be in unmarked vehicles that blend in with the local traffic. Some of the major cities you’ll visit or pass through are:
Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf

The map below shows a portion of the area within Germany that you’ll visit:

Travel in style with FKK Tour when you visit the best German FKK Clubs

German FKK Club tour weather with FKK Tour

Thinking about driving to German FKK Clubs

Thinking about driving in Europe? Take care in the colder months of the year.

Take care if renting a car for your German FKK Club tour

High Traffic periods within the big cities means knowing the shortcuts and staying alert

Thinking about driving to German FKK Clubs

Stay alert when driving on the unlimited speed German autobahns

Driving in the rain or snow on an FKK Club trip is common

When driving in Europe, it makes sense to slow down during the wet months



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