Airfare Tips and Planning
We suggest that you start looking for airfares with
1. Enter the “to” airport as “FRA”, which is Frankfurt Germany International Airport
2. If you’re departing from the USA, you’ll need to depart one day prior to the first tour date.
Example:  If you need to be at the Frankfurt airport on April 29, you need to depart the USA
on April 28th. Flights from the USA range from 7-10 Hours.  Germany is 6 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone and 9 hours ahead of the Pacific time zone in the USA.
3. For your return flight, choose the day after the tour ends.  If you’re attending a trip that ends April 29th, you would depart for home the day after, on April 30th.

Pay close attention to flight arrival and departure times, as you’ll need to meet your group at a specific time and you won’t want to catch your return flight too early in the morning. Also note the layover time if your flight has a stop on the way. Avoid those long layovers.

Try to catch a flight that arrives at Frankfurt before 12:00 noon local time. Try to book flights that depart Germany noon or later. Remember, you’re required to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departs. should give you a good idea of flight costs.

Before you book, also check these sites for airfares:

Air India and Turkish Airways, while not the best airlines, offers great round-trip prices.

They depart from the following cities:
Los Angeles
New York Kennedy
Newark, NJ
Toronto, Canada

Don’t just try booking for the exact days needed; often if you arrive a day early or stay a day or two longer fares can go lower. Some airlines require 7 days of travel for lower fares. Due to this reason we allow you to add extra days to a 6 day tour.

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See the the lower portion of this page for sample rates by major airlines.
You can also contact our company approved travel agency for lower rates and discounts.
We have an actual travel agency which will help you book the lowest fare, just fill out the form below to contact them.

1. Enter your Name
2. Flying from, Departure Airport State, City and Airport code
3. Date of departure (Remember if traveling from the USA you will lose a day and arrive the next day)
4. Flying to airport: We assume Frankfurt Am Main International Aiport. Code FRA if not enter correct airport  
5. Date of return (You will arrive back in the USA on the same day)
6. Your email address
7. Your Telephone with area code if you wish to speak directly to an agent
8.  Please include the City and State you are departing from or the airport.

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