A private tour means you want the best possible “Wing-man” who’ll plan the logistics, supply your vehicle and do the driving, all you need to do is arrive at the airport where your personal guide will meet you at the baggage claim exit. He’ll explain everything you need to know about the clubs. He’ll make suggestions for local sightseeing i.e. World War I and II, popular tourist stops, historic places as well as car factory tours and museums. The goal after all is to get you to the best clubs that suit your taste and needs. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge base, your guide is an invaluable resource. Whether you just want someone to show you the robes the first time or become a repeat guest, the guide will do his best to tailor your time to your liking.

There are several airport options in Germany, We’ll list them in the order of popularity
Airports and airport code
Frankfurt AM Main FRA
Dusseldorf DUS
Munich MUC
Berlin Tegel TXL
Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

We recommend Frankfurt Am Main International airport for it’s size, location and availability of flights (usually lower rates as well)

If you’re already in Germany and need hotel or train station pick up to start and end your tour that’s also available, and no problem just include pick up and drop off within the form

Due to security reasons, we are not allowed to tell you in advance which clubs we’ll select for your visit until you’re officially booked*. Which clubs you personally want to visit are of importance, please include them below and we’ll include them in your visit.

Give us an idea what you expect. It is a more upscale vehicle such as an Audi, Mercedes or BMW important. Our basic rate includes a modern “NEW” sedan or wagon with plenty of room for you and your luggage (you can being a carry on suitcase a personal item as well as a larger check in suitcase)

Remember when arriving from the USA you’ll lose a day and arrive on a day later, going home you’ll arrive at the same day you depart

Once booked, we’ll email you a very detailed information page on your trip including hotel locations and dates plus a list of suggested clubs and sightseeing stops.

*Due to unethical people only looking for free information (data mining) with no intention of using our services, we reserve this right.

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    NOTE: Our shuttle arrives at the airport at 9:15am, the day after the last official trip day. Taxi service is available at your own expense, ask your guide for details. You'll be about 20 minutes (25km) from the airport.

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