German FKK Club Law Changes as of July 1, 2017

What parts of the new Prostitutes Protection Act ProstSchG law will affect you as a customer?

A new law will take effect in Germany beginning 7/1/17 that will impact FKK Clubs in several ways.  The new Prostitution Protection Act has four major items affecting the clubs, two of which also affect clients who visit the clubs.

Although several of the new legal measures, such as certain advertising bans and related legal issues for club owners to deal with in the government’s efforts to ‘clean up’ the business, several others will directly affect the interaction between service provider and client.

The Good
Women must register for health testing and care.  During a phase in period of 6 months, all service providers must register in order to continue working.  This is good news since it means that a stricter system for tracking health checkups and STDs will ensue, bringing greater confidence that the women are clean. Women will be required to register as a prostitute and carry a prostitute ID card when they seek employment as a working gal. Signs must be posted regarding mandating the use of condoms.

The Not So Good
The new law will require mandatory condom use for all activities.  While this does not change the standard practice in FKK Clubs for vaginal and anal sex with a condom, it now prohibits oral sex without a condom.  In similar fashion, clubs will be banned from advertising the availability of such condomless activities in their websites, advertising and text.

How the new law plays out in practice will only be known over time.  It is a matter of enforcement and the attitudes of the service providers as to how they will act in response.  Unless an activity takes place in public view, it is difficult to see how enforcement will be accomplished.  As the old country song lyrics stated, “no one knows what goes on behind closed doors”.

More details can be found at ProstSchG ;change to ENGLISH using the button at the top right of the page.

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