FKK CLUB NEWS “How New German Laws affected the business”

The new German law and it’s real effects are constantly changing. The bareback oral (bbbj) issue is becoming less and less of an issue as months pass. At some clubs, it’s business as usual with public bbbjs taking place again. A other clubs, occasionally a gal tries to takes advantage of guests with upcharging for bbbj or a forced one hour booking in advance. We expected this but the German guests won’t stand for it and the foreign guests should discourage by avoiding these ladies. Mostly newbies and tourists get exploited by believing incorrect internet chatter.

These are the common tactics one will encounter due to the new law
1. BBBJ is 50e extra (or a portion of that)
2. BBBJ is only available with 60 minute or more sessions
3. BBBJ Not offered, all services only with condom as per German law
4. BBBJ is only for established or trusted guests
5. Bigger odds CBJ with new girls just arriving on the club scene

We highly doubt government “condom police” will be sending officers to check if women are indeed using condoms all the time. One owner gave an interesting response to why the women don’t like this new law “The women don’t like the taste of rubber” and prefer oral without. We’ve heard this before over the years from working women that good oral with a condom is near impossible.

For those of you who don’t understand the concept of frequent showers (right before going to the room – not only at the hotel before you visit), the new law helps the women. How you may ask? Well, if you even smell of sweat, worn underwear, BO or lack of hygiene this gives the woman the legal option to use a condom for oral. Can you blame them? I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot and the women failed to be clean you’d think twice about DATY or anything else for that matter. So the new laws do have an upside.

As we near the end of 2017 two other parts of the new laws are of more concern:
1. Mandatory Registration of the working women.
2. Higher scrutiny on Club owners.

Some women have already voluntarily registered and have no problem with doing so. Others are very concerned. Some are considering moving to neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands. Some are doing nothing and going the “wait and see what happens” route. This law may have the most effect on the business as we’ll lose the hobby-whores, part time students and non-pros which are often the most desirable women.

Mandatory vetting of club owners can be seen as a good thing as well as bad. It may mean a number of clubs are closed because they’re unable to provide proper documentation and proof. But this is also a plus because there comes a point when there are too many clubs and talent is spread thin as well as the customer base. Think of this as “only the strong will survive” or in reality “only the legit will survive”.

You’ll note that photos of available women at the clubs is slowing becoming a rarity. We’re told the solution to this issue is to post them on another website having nothing to do with the club. So look for new websites to pop up with links to the women. We offer an updated list of such sites to our trusted repeat guests.

Women leaving for Switzerland is nothing new on the FKK Club scene. It’s the draw of making more money – but in the end most women end up coming back. Germany still offers more guests and clubs, in a less controlling atmosphere. We’ve heard some horror stories from girls who were forced to change hair color, climb onto scales each day they arrived at work and told how much they could eat.


We like to teach our guests the art of chemistry when choosing a woman. There are many techniques and methods to accomplish this and the reward is a more satisfying session. You can have a professional good time or a more satisfying personal encounter.

One must remember that these women are basically actresses and it’s learning to see through that. To be able to feel an energy between two people. There are plenty of signs and it helps to have someone experienced show you the ropes. New women usually are not hardened and haven’t learned the game. Ever wonder why one of the reasons women often ask you “Is this your first time?”.

Instead of trying to find that “Great girl review written by a stranger”, one should focus on his own needs and likes. Weeding out the operators from the wall flowers is an art in itself. Over the years, we’ve found that what one person thinks is great sex may not be that good for us. Some girls that are shy and sit over in the corner frowning turn out to offer the best sessions.

Looks are overrated but, having said that, there are men who don’t care about anything else. Some men even rule out women for very small, minor, irrelevant things like a mole. Yet, that same man may even be hideous and unattractive himself all while he judges the women so harshly. The point is if you don’t have looks to offer you need something else. Some call it “Game” –  others confuse it with over paying. Remember, these are women, and while it’s true the main reason they’re here is money, they’re still able to pick and choose.

Let’s talk about the goal or reward which we’re basing this all on. If you’ve ever had a session where things really clicked and the girl was really into it you’ll understand. How do you know what good sex is until you’ve actually experienced it? Similar to food, you don’t know what is good until you’ve sampled good so you’ll need to figure that out first. By limiting yourself, you may not get the chance to experience a great connection. Most guys who are good at this will admit the less attractive women often offer better service. There are two types of women making money at the clubs. Those who are attractive and get guests via their looks alone and those who are good at what they do. A good start is finding a combination of both and finding out which one you have chemistry with.

Learn to walk thru a club and notice who’s watching who, body language is another good factor and an art to read. Learn the etiquette and keep good manners in mind. Most guys have no idea the women notice this. For example it’s not good etiquette to call a girl over to you or away from what she’s doing or who she’s with. This is like starting a clock or wasting her time if you’re not totally sure she’s for you. Give your info first before asking for hers, like your name, where you’re from and the worst “how old are you?”.

If age is a big issue then you may want to ask for ID as lying about age and info is common. Women do this for privacy reasons as well as adding to their value. Most women will say their 3-10 years younger than they really are because it makes them more attractive. Asians are famous for wanting this info. Anyone with manners knows this is not a question you ask a woman.

Women often lied about where they’re from: a decade ago women told the truth because it did not matter. Today with the influx of so many Romanian women the concept of a false image makes them more attractive. We’ve encountered Romanians who claimed to be Italian, Russian or Spanish. Yet checking with club staff we proved beyond a doubt they were not. “This is like Hollywood” we were told. The concept is similar to “The men want a Girl Friend Experience” and perception is reality. it’s understandable but is it really important to know the exact age or birth place?

You can tell a lot from a kiss and how a woman avoids kissing. Some will say it’s because they don’t kiss everyone and if seen in public kissing they’ll have to kiss every guest. If a woman really enjoys kissing you, she will.

Ultimately the sign of a woman who really likes you is when the money stops. As long as you’re on the time clock you’re a business to her. Too many suckers keep on paying and claim this is her business so it’s OK. We’ve never met a woman who felt right about charging someone she had a relationship with. Remember there are other things of value that amount to income, like a green card or a meal ticket.

Look for the little signs like going 10 minutes over a 30 minute session and she’s still happy with 50 euros. A clock watcher is just another sign of an operator. An experienced hobbyist will use all the common clues as well as a feeling you get from touching a hand, a kiss or a smile. There’s lots of trial and error involved but if you have no idea what you’re doing most of it will be error.

Remember there are also two types of men who visit the clubs. The normal man and the desperate man. Women can smell the desperate men from a mile away. Normal men don’t need a club to get laid while on the other hand desperate men have no other choice. Some guys just don’t know how to increase their odds by changing things within their control. Manners, hygiene, style, communications to name a few. We’ve all seen the total weirdos wandering the clubs, tongues hanging out, nose picking, ass itching, feet up on the tables, slobs, overly loud, rude and an odd looking way they wear a towel(s).

Finally “When in Rome, do as the Romans” note how most of the locals wear their towels on average. While there are locals who are in fact losers (not to be confused with average guests).  Walking around with more than one towel around your waist and one to sit on is not normal. A towel around the neck (Rocky Balboa Style) over a robe is odd as well as wearing your underpants or T-shirt is strange. Plus being totally naked is also something that disgusts more women.

Recently a guest was seen coming and going to the club totally naked with the exception of a back pack. Upon further checking we discovered this guy is a hard core nudist trying to make a statement. But he certainly looks strange walking to the parking lot butt naked.

Women have told us seeing men wandering the club naked is undesirable, gross and a huge turn off as is exposing your junk while in the dining area. Some men think women enjoy looking at their sex organ all the time. We’ve yet to encounter a woman who thinks seeing hairy balls and junk increases her appetite.  So take some care when at a meal that your legs are not wide open for all to see.

If one day, the women all start to flock to the men who do this sort of stuff we’ll change our tune. In the meantime do yourself a favor and increase your odds of finding the perfect match. It’s often the little things that sway the woman. They do notice the gentlemen and classy men.

 is closer to completion of it’s indoor whirlpool and sauna which will face the pool area. Two more rooms will be added to the area as well as another shower area. Still some minor cosmetic work to be done and the final whirlpool plumbing and wiring. The parking lot now has a privacy wall surrounding it with marked stalls.

World is suffering from a good problem, too many women and not enough customers. While this is not a good problem for the club itself the effect is the women will look for other clubs with more possible income.

Living Room is going thru a slow period, while they have a good number of women most of the superstars from last year have moved on.

Sharks is still the club to beat in the Frankfurt area however your mileage may vary depending on the day you visit. 

Samya just celebrated their 13 anniversary. Plenty of new talent as well as some of the common ones to be found. The DJ seems to start playing a bit later in the evening on some days as late as 9pm.

Magnum was surprisingly slow during the day and there were still problems of women taking advantage of the new law by charging a premium for bbbj. The pool in the courtyard area which once was a parking area is now complete. The Whirlpool has been removed. You can still take advantage of the “two clubs for the price of one” offer when you pay 60e for Magnum or Villa Vertigo and then visit the other on the same day for the no extra.

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