Why do we ask for specific info?
1. Flight info is needed, so the guide can check if your flight was delayed or canceled to make other arrangements.
Airline name and Flight number means we can check your flight arrival for delays.
2. Your description is needed in case we need to go looking for you at the airport. Sometimes people get lost or if late, we will look for you at the baggage claim exit.
3. Other contact is needed should you end up in a hospital, we are always discreet, we will state you were on a sightseeing trip with friends.
4. Smoking info? Almost all Hotels in Germany are now non-smoking. If you smoke in your room, the hotel will bill us a smoking fee, which will be billed to your credit card. (Smoking is possible outside in front of the hotel).
* indicates required field

    YOUR CONTACT INFO Your First Name Your Last Name Your email address Telephone number of mobile phone you'll have with you YOUR ARRVIAL FLIGHT INFO Your Arrival Airline Name Your Arrival Airline Flight Number Your Arrival Date Your Arrival Time If not arriving by air or you will already be in Germany day(s) before Check this box YOUR FLIGHT DEPARTURE INFO Note: Airlines currently require you to be at the airport 2 hours in advance. NOTE: Our shuttle arrives at the airport at 9:15am, the day after the last official trip day. Taxi service is available at your own expense, ask your guide for details. You'll be about 20 minutes (25km) from the airport. YOUR DEPARTURE FLIGHT INFO Your Departure Airline Name Your Departure Airline Flight Number Your Departure Date Your Arrival Time Your are NOT departing Germany the end of your trip YOUR DESCRIPTION INFO We ask for this info in case we have to send out parties to find you, should you get lost, or your flight is late, and we need to find you at the baggage claim exit. Remember, 1000s of people arrive at the airport and without specifics it can be impossible to find you. Your Approximate Height Build Eye color, do you wear glasses, have facial hair? Hair Color, Style? Clothing you may be wearing? Example:Blue pants, white shirt, baseball cap? Are you a Smoker? Specific Clubs you wish to visit? Emergency Contact, In case of a medical emergency, accident a contact number and name of who we should contact Emergency Contact Name Emergency Contact Telephone Number Emergency Contact Email Address Do you have a Medical Condition we need to know about? If not write "NO" Optional send us a photo OTHER COMMENTS OR INFO YOU WISH US TO KNOW ABOUT YOU

    Note There’s a good reason for all the above, we’ve been doing this for over 30 years, during that period we have become aware of info that would have been very useful if we had it. Such as flight arrival info, to check online your flight status, remember most of the time you could not contact us when in the air, so having an Airline name, flight number allows us to check the actual flight status. See Departure Flight info lets us know if you have enough time to catch your flight when departing. Description is, as we’ve said, to better be able to locate you by calling the information counter and giving a basic description, or when a guide goes in person to find you. Thank you for your understanding

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