RED CARPET CLUBS (Roter Teppich Clubs)


The term “Red Carpet clubs” refers to a network of FKK clubs, mainly located in the Essen-Bochum-Dortmund area, in Nordrhein-Westfalen (one club, Dietzenbach, is located south of the area, near Frankfurt).

These clubs are thought to be owned by one man of either German or Turkish descent, depending upon who you talk to. Supposedly, no one has ever seen this man. As such, he is referred to as Der Blinde Mann (“The Blind Man”). Management of these clubs is shared between a German and a Turk, who are known not to get along with each other.

These clubs usually feature an international staff of women, with quality of service varying between clubs. Herne-Horsthausen was one of the more popular Red Carpet clubs, and featured some of the best service, but it is now closed.

Why are these clubs called “Red Carpet” clubs?
These clubs are all furnished alike, down to the same sofa patterns, side tables, lamps, and, of course, the red carpet on the floor. Even the snacks served are the same (note the picture of the cookies, below).

Besides the same red carpet, what else stands out about these clubs?
The Red Carpet clubs offer some of the lowest prices, both entry and session, of all the German FKK clubs. Prices differ from area to area, with entry fees ranging from 20 to 50 EUR and session fees ranging from 25 to 50 EUR. Entry and session fees are usually spelled out right on the bar, along with the services the guest can expect to receive.

These clubs tend to be smaller, typically featuring 5 to 12 women. Freundenbergstr. 39, also called FKK Paradiso, is an exception. It has recently expanded to take over the club next door and now claims to have 60 women available during peak hours. It is also the most expensive of the Red Carpet clubs [50 EUR entry (30 during Happy Hour), and 50 EUR per session].

Will I be able to get in? (This has changed in the last decade)
That depends. Some clubs allow all races and nationalities, while other clubs are strictly for German or local customers. Aplerbeck is one club known for refusing entry to non-Germans or non-locals. Hohensyburg was known for refusing entry to non-whites, but it is now closed. Still other clubs refuse guests at their discretion.

FKK CLUB APLERBECK Aplerbecker Bahnhofstrasse 5 44287 Dortmund
VERENA FKK CLUB Kressenweg 6 44379 Dorstfeld
FKK CLUB DIETZENBACH Voltastrasse 4 63128 Dietzenbach
FREUDE 39 FKK CLUB Freudenbergstrasse 39 44809 Bochum-Hamme
FKK SAUNA CLUB GRIMBERG Grimbergstrasse 12 45889 Gelsenkirchen Bismarck
VILLA EROTIC FKK CLUB Dröscheder Berg 4 58638 Iserlohn
ROMANTIKA  FKK CLUB Blitzkuhlenstrasse 109, 45659 Recklinghausen
SALOME FKK CLUB Riemkerstr. 110 44625 Herne
FKK CLUB VENUS Konrad Adenauer Ring 17 47167 Duisburg
ARABELLA FKK CLUB Lohrheidestrasse 63 44866 Wattenscheid

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