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Why worry about the small stuff, hotel bookings, transportation, language, which clubs are best, pitt falls and rip offs. We see the newbies who make the common mistakes all the time and make total fools of themselves as they arrive unknowing with questionable internet info. You can get your info direct from the 25 year + experineced experts or someone who claims to know it all and hides behind a unknown profile. Don’t forget their opinion on what is good or best may differ from yours. We specialize in taking out the risk, maximizing your time and fun allowing you to concentrate on what counts. 

We’re proud of our reputation and the fact that you’re protected when booking with us. We only accept bank protected credit card payments. Check with your credit card company for more about how your booking is protected. Beware of imposters who copy and paste our content. Their pages stand out with poor English and grammar often copied text and concepts similar to our pages. Take care when dealing with companies who want cash,wire transfers up front or a lump sum when you arrive. 
We’re the best and for a reason with over 30 years of service and experience with the best clubs

Time left till the next 6 and 8 Day Group tour

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Advance booking rate limited offer Expires September 20, 2018
Join one of the following tour dates and take advantage of the special rates


September and October  Last Minute Offers
6 Night September
September 23 to September 28  $1,599 SAVE $400 USE CODE “SEP6DEAL”
6 Night October
September 30  to October 05  $1,899 SAVE $100 USE CODE “OCT6DEAL”
8 Night Sepember
September 22 to September 29  $1,699 SAVE $500 USE CODE “SEP8DEAL”
8 Night October
September 29  to October 06  $1999 SAVE $200 USE CODE “OCT8DEAL”

September/October Rules
Use Coupon Codes above for discount
Offers can end at any moment, when all seats are sold or on September 20, 2018

856 Euros* $999 US Dollars 3 Days
1876 Euros* $1999 US Dollars 6 Days
2063 Euros* $2199 US Dollars 8 Days

Price converted to Euros
3 Day rate converted to Euros

999 USD converts to 856 EUR
Cost Per day for 3 Day tour
333 USD converts to 285 EUR
6 Day rate converted to Euros
1,999 USD converts to 1.713 EUR
Cost Per day for 6 Day tour
333 USD converts to 285 EUR
8 Day rate converted to Euro
2,199 USD converts to 1.885 EUR
Cost Per day for 8 Day tour
274 USD converts to 235 EUR
*Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change
Remember rates are in US Dollars, No currency exchange fees
Prices are subject to change without notice
Offers only valid for advance payment

Just 212 USD converts to 182 EURper day includes hotel, Free wi-fi, ground transportation, discount club entry, fluent English and German speaking 24 hour guide and driver. We pick you up from the airport and arrange it all for you. Nothing to do but arrive. We’ve been making it simple for over 25 years. Trusted by more guests than anyone else, period. Packages are in US dollars, no exchange fees or devaluation.

6 and 8 Day Group tour Discounts ONLY
NO discount for hourly Day tour or Private  tours
Advanced booking 3, 6 and 8 Day discount

90 Day Advance Booking Rates
3 Day Tour $699
6 Day Tour $1399
8 Day Tour $1539

60 Day Advance Booking Rates
3 Day Tour $799
6 Day Tour $1599
8 Day Tour $1759

90 Days 30% Off
6 Day 1,399 USD converts to 1.199 EUR
Per day  233 USD converts to 200 EUR
8 Day1,540 USD converts to 1.320 EUR
Per day  192 USD converts to 165 EUR
60 Days 20% Off
6 Day 1,599 USD converts to 1.371 EUR
Per day  266 USD converts to 228 EUR
8 Day1,759 USD converts to 1.508 EUR
Per day  219 USD converts to 188 EUR

Save 25% *Senior Rates for guests over 70 (ID proof required)
Save 20%* Military Discount (ID proof required)

These offers or discounts can not be used with any other discount
Please contact us via the form below to request discount codes

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