FKK Club Tour Adjusted Tour Dates

Note: 3, 6 and 8 Day Group tour rates are based on the following:
Pick up is on a specific day and time (any other day or time changes the rate and NOT included)
Drop off is on a specific day and time (any other drop off location, day or time changes the rate and not included)

We understand that sometimes guests can’t arrive or depart on listed dates and times. Should this be the case we offer
special services for an additional fee. (this may or may NOT be available please don’t assume or make plans until confirmed).

Should the Group be out of the area you’ll need to get to another pick up locations at your own cost.
See for train departure and arrival info. Note the normal Pick up and drop off is at the Frankfurt am Main International airport (FRA airport code).

Booking a train ticket ONLINE

Unless specified use Frankfurt (Main) Flugh (FRA airport) as the “from” location SEE A
Enter train station given to you as your new meeting location SEE B
Enter the date of travel SEE C and the time you wish to depart or the time you must arrive SEE D

Note the map below, the Airport train station is within walking distance of Terminal 1 located near the Hilton Hotel
Should you arrive at Terminal 2 you’ll need to take the sky tram or airport tram to Terminal 1


Should you need to train back to the Frankfurt airport just use your new destination as the “From” and the airport as the “To”.

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