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When is your next tour date?
What cities do you operate out of?
Do the FKK clubs charge entry fees?
What airport or city is best to fly to?
What hotels do you recommend?
Can you help me find a discount airfare?
How long does it take to fly to Germany from the US?
What does your service include in the package price?
How many guys attend these trips?
How many guides attend a tour and what’s expected of them?
What are the BENEFITS of having an FKK Club Tour guide?
Can I contact the guide in Germany BEFORE I book a trip?
Are there different types of FKK Club tours?
I’m a big guy, will I have a problem?
Do the FKK clubs have private rooms or is it all done in public view?
What kind of guys go on these FKK Club tours?
What kind of FKK Club women can I expect?
What FKK clubs do you visit and how many per day?
What’s an average day like on an FKK Club tour?
How much money will this all cost?
Do the clubs or women pay you a commission?
What exactly happens at an FKK club?

When is your next tour date? See all the future Group Tour dates at this PAGE ?

Time left till the next 6 and 8 Day Group tour

What clubs will we visit on the Hourly tour?
Why do I have to pay a deposit?
In what cities do the “Day Guides” take place?

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
We require a $30US dollar deposit (in advance) for all FKK Club Hourly tours. This ensures you’re serious about showing up. Unfortunately, some people request a guide at a specific time and date and don’t show up, thus a deposit is mandatory. We’ll need a deposit BEFORE we help in planning your visit. We’re not a free service; if you need information and don’t plan on using our service, please search the internet for help or answers. Deposits keeps our costs down by reducing “NO SHOWS”.
PLEASE don’t send a request for a guide WITHOUT an advance deposit.

What FKK club will we visit on an Hourly tour?What clubs
You have the option of selecting the FKK club you wish to visit or allowing us to pick for you. Part of the benefit of having a guide is his expertise in knowing what FKK club and which girls are best. We ONLY give this specific info to persons who are actually booked on an FKK tour with a paid deposit. Depending on the area you select and the FKK clubs already mentioned above give you have an idea of where you might end up. Due to security reasons, we’re unable to email any FKK club info to persons not yet booked on an FKK Club trip.

In what cities do the “FKK Club Hourly Guides” take place?
There are basically 3 areas with the best FKK clubs, thus these are the only areas where “Hourly Guides” are available.
Koln (Cologne)
Frankfurt am Main

You’ll have to find transportation from your location to the main train station (Haupt Bahnhof) of the three cities above if you’re interested in an “Hourly Tour”. Germany has a great rail system, ICE or Inter City Express (High Speed Trains) which travel up to 200km per hour and can transport you from Munich to Frankfurt in only 1.5 hours. Sorry, but there are no guided FKK tours available in Augsburg, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg or Berlin. The reason for this is that these areas are not well known for an abundance of quality FKK clubs or service. You can search for more info on the cities without guides using our links, or search by the city you’re in HERE

One price in US Dollars handles all your transportation, guide, fuel and lodging.
Go with those that KNOW the best clubs and how to get there fast.
24 Hour Guides and Translators there to help.
Everything explained in simple English, as well as Tips and suggestions.
Going with guys who enjoy the same hobby; make new friends.
They know the best girls and who does what best.
Airport Pick Up; just fly to Frankfurt, Germany.
Never get lost or worry about navigation or driving.

What our guests say about us:

Joe S.F. CA USA Lawyer 59
I’ve been on over 5 of these trips and will keep doing them cause you can’t beat the cost. They do all the trip planning, reservations, driving and navigation, things I don’t want to worry about. Germany is now my number 1 adult destination.

Bob OR FL USA Doctor 52
My biggest problem is time and FKK Tour went out of their way to plan trips to make the most of my time off. It’s too easy just get off the plane, they pick you up, sit back enjoy the view, they know all the best clubs. After a full day of fun you won’t want to be driving or worrying about anything but sleep anyway.

Lee SD CA USA Doctor 48
I’ve made so many friends on these trips. You’ll see more going with the tour as they are most efficient in getting you to the destinations. The guides are always helpful and available to translate and work out special requests from the ladies. I go as often as 3 times a year.

Arnie OC CA Writer 38
I used to frequent Nevada till I went on my first Germany tour years ago. You can’t compare the quality of women, the service and especially the price. Even after going to the clubs alone I prefer going with a group and the tour. When you compare the hotel, transportation and time taking the tour makes total sense.

Tako TY Japan Engineer 28
Company include Japanese translator which made easier for me. I like the many model type women, quality is number 1, service is like Girl Friend. Women and clubs were very friendly to Asian man. Guides do all driving and work, you relax and enjoy the many women.

John LB CA USA Banker 36
I was skeptical at first but after my first trip I was hooked. The women I could only dream of are plentiful and the price is right. I’ve driven in Europe before and it’s not fun or easy. I arrived as a stranger and by the end of the week I had a bunch of new friends who enjoy the same hobby. Everything they say on the FKK Tour web site is true, it’s a great deal and the best way to go.

Martin LV NV Attorney 35
I checked these guys out before reserving my seat. They answered all my questions, helped me plan my flight and were there for me the entire trip. I can enjoy the German beer and not worry about driving or finding my hotel. This will be my 3rd trip. Believe me this is the ultimate adult vacation deal and FKK Tour makes it even easier.

Tom Netherlands 45
I paid far too much using a fly by night company that operates out of the Netherlands. They claimed to be knowledgeable and experienced. Some guy arrived and picked me up in his personal car. Not only was his service more expensive he offered less for the money. There’s also a over priced service near Frankfurt that includes going to a Casino and Spa plus one club, the prices and service were over priced. If you want the best deal, understand the value of a business that has been around over 20 years then FKKTOUR is the only way to go.

Alex LA CA
I’ve been to Thailand, Nevada, Mexico, Holland and even Canada but nothing holds a candle to these German FKK Clubs tours. No need to go out and search for women, no surprises as they’re all nude without the low lighting you find at strip clubs. You don’t pay for sitting with them, you only pay for the actual act in the room. No rushing, no women who are afraid of touching you and best of all they actually seem to enjoy it. The clubs are impeccably clean, safe and even provide your food and drink at no extra charge. The girls I talked to even have regular medical check ups. No problems getting into the clubs cause the FKK Tour guides know club management well. Did I mention SELECTION, it’s true, nothing compares, you’re like a kid in a candy store with women from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Terry SJ CA Retired 64
I’m over 60 and I thought I’d be with a bunch of young studs, but to my surprise the average guy was about 45. My next worry was being older that I’d have trouble performing so much. Forget Viagra, the women were so hot and into me I did 6 the first day. Everything is explained to you in English, the club rules, pricing and even some tips that really helped me get the most out of my trip. Never could have done this alone of without FKK Tour.

Dean NY NY IT 33
I’m Black and I was worried about how I’d be treated by the women and clubs. I had heard that some clubs don’t allow non- Germans. FKK tour ensured me I had nothing to worry about, in fact being Black was a positive as lots of the women were attracted to me. Never got turned down and never had a problem getting into the clubs thanks to FKK Tour.

Jeff NY NY Handicapped 32
FKK Tour is a handicapped friendly company and made a special effort to help ensure me a great time. Even the ladies did not have a problem with my handicaps. I was treated like all the other guests and had a great time. Truly the best time for your money. FKK Tour went out of their way to make my trip simple, fun and safe. They picked me up from the airport, got me special treatment at the clubs. Explained the rules, pricing and even helped me pick the right women. Most companies won’t deal with Blind or handicapped folks but FKK Tour welcomed me.


What cities do you operate out of?>
Our Group tours operate out of Frankfurt am Main Germany (FRA Airport code). This means your group tour will start and end in Frankfurt. We offer one club or Hourly tours out of Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz. Please contact us if the city you’re in is within 100km of the cities listed above. We may still be able to help. One club or Hourly tours can start at the city airport listed and end at your hotel or airport. Please contact us for more details and include your possible plans.

Do the clubs charge entry fees?
Super clubs charge approximately 65 Euro entry, which includes drinks, food and use of the facilities. Full service clubs charge only 30-40 Euro entry and also include many extras like drinks Beer, food and snacks. Discount clubs often have free entry or 25 -50 Euro fee if you don’t do a session. BENEFIT #2: Often, since the clubs know we’re coming, some will offer reduced entry fees or serve special meals and drinks like BBQ’s, local food and beer, etc.

What airport or city is best to fly to?
1. Frankfurt International airport (FRA) is one of Europe’s biggest international airports and offers by far the most flights. (We recommend Frankfurt FRA)
2. Duesseldorf International airport (DUS), although not popular is a good alternative. BENEFIT #3: Your guide will pick you up at the airport so there is no need to pay expensive taxi fares to the hotel. All our Group trips start and end at FRA ,Frankfurt International Airport.

What hotels do you recommend?
For security reasons, we do not provide the names of hotels we use until you are actually booked on one of our trips. We suggest that you visit for suggestions and search and for hotel rates and locations. BENEFIT #4: Every day your guide will ensure you have breakfast, take you to the clubs and then return you to the hotel. Some of the hotels we stay at even include a hot breakfast at no extra charge.

Can you help me find a discount airfare?
Try these links:
Start with
Enter your city of departure, use Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) as your destination airport.
We like this link because they’ll provide time of arrival and the best rates.
This link sometimes offers lower rates, however they don’t provide times in advance.
Sign up for FARE WATCHER after you register (free) and enter all your local departure airports. You’ll instantly get emails as rates change. You’ll also know the best rates to your favorite destinations when you log on.
Good place to start your search and get an idea of what airfares cost.
Low airfares, but does not provide time of arrival.

Change the date of departure and arrival by one or two days. Often, this can make a huge difference in the airfare. Some airlines have lower rates when you fly on weekdays and some when you include a Saturday night stay. We do offer the ability to extend your trip by 1-2 days after or before your tour just for this reason (please check in advance for availability of extra days). You also have the option of arriving early or staying an extra day and doing some sight seeing on your own. Airline fares can change in an hour, prices often go down as well as up 60, 30, 14 and 7 days prior to departure. If you don’t live too far from other major cities, it’s worth checking airfares from other nearby departure cities. Join Travelocity and use FARE WATCHER, list ALL your possible departure airports well in advance of your trip and take note of prices.

How long does it take to fly to Germany from the US?
From the East coast of the US, direct flight times range from 7 to 9 hours .
From the West coast of the US, direct flights times range from 9 to 11 hours.

What does your service include in the package price?
Group Tour package price includes:
Hotel, Airport pick up and return*, Transportation to and from the clubs from the
hotel, English and German speaking guide and driver. Discount entry to some clubs.
Price does not include entry fees or entertainment costs. MORE DETAILS

Hourly Tour price includes:
Airport, Hotel or train station pick up and return, German and English speaking guide and driver.
Hotel is not included. Extra fuel charges may apply for long distance travel. MORE DETAILS

How many guys attend these trips?
Minimum 3 guys and maximum 8 guys, on average. BENEFIT #5: Why go alone?  You’ll be ensured of plenty of ENGLISH speaking company during your trip. Remember, when you’re NOT in the room it’s nice to have others to spend time with.

How many guides attend a tour and what’s expected of them?
A minimum of (1) guide will escort the group, but often we supply more Guides who are available 24 hours a day during the tour. They speak both German and English and will provide translation when needed. Guides are well connected and known by club management and streamline entry, explain club rules, costs, talent suggestions and offer tips. Guides also do the driving and are very familiar with the terrain. Their knowledge will come in handy for ATM’s, Banks, Money Exchange, Food and Sightseeing. An experienced guide and driver allows you to kick back and relax in between clubs, and ensures you get from point A to point B quickly and safely both day and night. Clubs are almost always in remote rural areas and hard to find. Guides can be very handy should you have a language problem between you and the girl or the club itself. Yes, the guide enters the club with you and stays with you during your stay. The guide won’t be with you when you go to a room with your selection. Guides most often have a wealth of information about the BEST women and who does what. This ensures you the best time as our guides frequent all the clubs and pride themselves with up to date info.
BENEFITS #6#7#8#9#10#11 #12: They translate, they Guide and inform, they look out for you, they have knowledge about the country, knowing the way gets you there FAST and saves you time, there to help you 24 hours, they know the BEST women and can arrange special requests.

What are the BENEFITS of having a guide?
Throughout this page you’ll find MANY BENEFITS of taking one of our tours. Dollar for dollar you won’t get more service visiting alone, nor will you have as much fun. Get the most out of your time during your stay having our guides do the driving and planning for you. Let them figure out what’s the best time and day to visit a club. Don’t worry about understanding German as our guides explain it all in ENGLISH.

Can I contact the guide in Germany BEFORE I book a trip?
We can answer any questions via email or call our US office 1-(775) 502-1655 (email us and make an appointment to telephone).
AFTER you book your tour, we’ll provide a Telephone and Email address for your actual guide in Germany.

Are there different types of tours?
Yes, we offer the following different types of tours:
Hourly Tours, which are for one (1) or more persons and are for 6 hours. You can add extra hours or days (in which case, it is called a Custom Tour). Hourly Tours DO NOT include hotel accommodations. Hourly guides come with car and fuel (They pick you up from the airport, train station or hotel). You can book an hourly guide HERE, please contact us prior to booking to check if the date you need a guide is available.
Complete 6 or 8 day Group Tours and Private Group Tours
(6 or 8 Day trips and Private trips include Hotel accommodations)
6 or 8 Day Group Tours take place only during one business week. Check for dates HERE

I’m a big guy, will I have a problem?
Certainly NOT, in fact most German customers you’ll see at the clubs are usually larger, older guys. If being naked bothers you then it’s common to use two towels, one wrapped around your waist and one over your shoulders. Rest assured you’ll fit in and no one will notice you anyway. People don’t stare much as this is nothing new to them. At first you might feel a little odd wearing only a couple of towels and some slippers, but after your first session you’ll be convinced it’s all worth it.

What kind of guys go on these tours?
Since this sort of hobby costs money, the majority of men are over 40. In fact, the average age is actually 45-50 with plenty of men in their 60’s attending. It’s not age that everyone has in common but the fact that we all enjoy this hobby and the high quality of service found in German FKK Sauna Clubs. Don’t expect a loud bunch of drinking buddies either; most guys tend to be professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and internet folk. You’re guaranteed a bunch of new friends who enjoy the same hobby. This is yet another benefit of going with a tour; while you’re NOT in the room you’ll have plenty of company. In fact, there’s a huge advantage to sharing intel among your new found friends, figuring out which women are best.

Do the clubs have private rooms or is it all done in public view?
Although the term “FKK” means nudist and almost anywhere in the club is fair game to indulge in fun, you’ll always have total privacy as an option. You decide where you want to partake in the fun, just a smile or nod to a pretty girl will have her on your lap. Then you decide either to go to a totally private room or somewhere more remote. Clubs often have outdoor areas, tee pees, cabins, wooded areas and public beds to satisfy your every fantasy.

What kind of women can I expect to see?
WHY would so many men and women travel so far to visit an FKK Club?
Well, the women are second to none in the world. We’re talking model material, 18-25 average age, slim, well built, eager to please, almost every possible hair and eye color, attractive enough to be in Playboy or Penthouse magazine. Expect what you would find in your wildest dreams. Why do they come to Germany? It’s Europe and offers more freedoms, capital gains and all the western world benefits we enjoy. This is NOT a third world country where women are in desperation and poverty.

WHO? We’re talking about an endless selection of international women from all over the globe. Many come to Germany solely for the purpose of working at the FKK clubs, while others have legally immigrated and reside there. You’ll find students, housewives and professionals who enjoy what they do.
QUALITY service with higher standards. Since the FKK club wants you to become a regular customer (the majority of customers are local Germans), they insist on a level of service not always found elsewhere.
SELECTION While in Asia you have only Asians and in Latin America you have only Latinas, in Germany’s FKK Clubs you have the ULTIMATE SELECTION from a world class selection of women.
VALUE makes German FKK Clubs worth your travel time as SERVICE with all the trimmings average no more than $65US. Prices are SET and RATES are a relative bargain.

We’ve seen women from the following countries:

Costa Rica
Czech Rep.
United Kingdom
United States


Not only will you find the World’s BEST selection, German FKK Clubs have standards and rules that demand the best service from the staff. No need to haggle or negotiate as prices are FAIR and set. Tips are NOT required and never asked for. Women understand the concept that if you make a man happy he’ll be back. It’s this sort of Quality and Service that make German FKK Clubs the best adult fun around. BENEFIT #13: The guides know the best women and what they’re famous for.

What clubs do you visit and how many per day?
Unless you’re actually booked on a tour, for security reasons we can’t divulge the actual schedule or clubs you’ll visit. We can however give you a list of possible clubs. Usually the group visits (2) clubs a day, one in the day and one in the evening.

These are some of the clubs we visit:
FKK Club Atlanta
FKK Club Feigenblatt
FKK Club Mondial
Golden Time Sauna Club
FKK Club Acapulco Gold
Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club
FKK Club Babylon
Bernd’s FKK Club
FKK club Heaven 7 Seven
Teenyland Brothel
Traum Paradise Brothel
FKK Club Acapulco Club
FKK Club 5th Element
Finca Erotica
Dolce Vita
Living Room
Six Sense
Bahama Club
Parksauna Rezidenz
Villa Vertigo

BENEFIT #14; Things change daily and since our guides visit the clubs often they assure you that your visits will be at the best times and to the best clubs. Our INTEL is second to none. Leave the driving to us, sit back, enjoy the view or even take a nap while in transit.

What’s an average day like on a tour?
Wake up and meet for breakfast 10-11am
12 noon arrive at first day club
6pm depart first club, Dinner stop if no food at the club.
7pm arrive at evening club, depart at 12pm to 2am

The group takes a site seeing route from Frankfurt to the north (1) day and again (1) day going south.

Note: Site seeing is NOT the main goal of the tour and not a guaranteed option.
You’ll see plenty of Germany in transit to and from various clubs.

6 day Group tour
Day 1 Frankfurt Area
Day 2 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 3 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 4 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 5 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 6 Frankfurt Area

8 day Group tour
Day 1 Frankfurt Area
Day 2 Frankfurt Area
Day 3 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 4 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 5 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 6 North Rhine Westphalia Area
Day 7 Frankfurt Area
Day 8 Frankfurt Area

How much money will this all cost?
Besides the cost of the tour, you’ll need to arrange for airfare or transportation to the meeting point (Frankfurt Airport, FRA).
*Most FKK clubs include your drinks and food, so food costs during the tour are minimal.
Frankfurt International airport (FRA) offers more flights than any other airport in Germany and prices are usually lower using FRA as your destination.

Estimated FKK Club Costs, which include club entry fees for 6 or 8 day tour:
A session is 50 Euros for each 30 minutes

If you were to party with one (1) girl per club (10 Clubs)
Most days we visit 2 clubs a day, thus
1 girl per club (2 sessions a day)
$1,500 US Dollars Total approximate cost*
(9 women total)

If you were to party with (2) girls per club (10 Clubs)
Most days we visit 2 clubs a day, thus
2 girls per club (4 sessions a day)
$2,200 US Total approximate cost*
(18 women total)

What exactly happens at an FKK club?
FKK Clubs are usually situated within a large home or industrial complex. Most have outdoor areas which are shielded from outside viewers by high walls or structures.

Facilities often include a pool, whirlpool (Jacuzzi), steam bath, cold dip pool, hot air sauna, masseur, weight rooms, big screen TV, tanning booths, BBQ grill and buffet food, full bar with beer, hard drinks, soft drinks, mineral water, coffee and tea. Some FKK clubs offer strip shows, large porn theaters, indoor and outdoor pools, bubble baths and foot massage. Depending on the FKK club, you’ll find anywhere from 12 to 130 women to choose from.

The basic steps to a typical FKK Club visit
Upon arrival you pay an entry fee that ranges from 35-65 Euros, which covers food, drinks and use of the facilities.

1. You pay this at the door and are issued either a robe, towels and locker key.
2. Undress, shower and dress in the robe, towels and slippers provided.
3. Take a stroll and familiarize yourself with the compound. Women can be found
lounging throughout the complex. Enjoy a hot or cold drink at the bar.
4. Select a woman, make direct contact or motion her over to you. Decide if you want to start your fun on the couch or go directly to a private room.
5. When your time ends at the FKK club, get dressed, pay if you have a tab for extras and depart.

Do the FKK clubs or women pay you a commission?
We do not get any commission from the FKK clubs or the women. Taxi drivers do get a commission, thus they often take guests to FKK clubs for the wrong reasons.


Should you have further questions and can’t find an answer on our web site, please contact us via the form below:

Please provide as much info so we can better answer your questions and concerns

* indicates required field

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