Organized Trips to Germany's Best FKK Clubs

Germany's FKK Clubs are known for a huge selection of women. FKK Clubs are designed for comfort. You stay a while, food, drink, and being surrounded by 50-120 women at one club. Guests often stay the entire day, getting to know the women, drinking, dining and meeting them in daylight conditions. Do yourself a favor and check out our site and find out what you've been missing. Germany the country that builds some of the best sports cars has the world's best gentleman's clubs. Its safe, legal and we make it easy. Just hop on a plane, we pick you up, arrange your hotel and transport you to over 10 different clubs during your stay. Best of all you'll be with other English speaking guests who'll share their info, advice and suggestions. Many of our guests travel with us over and over again and take advantage of our frequent traveler rates.

Over 100 Women in One Place for you to choose from

German FKK Clubs are World Famous for huge selections of Totally Nude 18-28 Year old Model Quality Women from all over the World. Don't settle for one country, hair color, size, race or nationality. Let's not forget the World Class GFE (Girl Friend Experience) Service which includes almost everything. Set Prices, No Haggling. Safe, Legal and affordable. Nothing compares to it

Playboy Mansion Experience, Spend the entire day

Find out what you've been missing, where a small entry fee includes all your food, drink and use of the facilities. Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Volley Ball, Billiards, and BBQ. Lounge in the Sun with over 100 Totally Naked Women

Experience Germany Like No One Else can Show you

We've been Offering German FKK Club Tours for over 20 years. We know the People, the history, Management, the Girls and even the Sites Men want to see. World War I and II, City Centers, Red Light Districts, Brothels and Bordellos

Band of Brothers, Rhine River and Car Factories

You'll see more than one club, you'll see hundreds of woman. We'll show you the back roads and sites along the way. Visit over 10 clubs in six days, travel to dozens of cities. Enjoy Airport Pick Up and Return. All you do is get to the Airport, then we do the rest

What FKK Club Tour offers

Who are we and what we offer
Need expert guidance for your first visit? Looking to join a group of experienced FKK Club visitors? Want first hand info, instructions, tips and guidance from people with over 20 years of FKK Club experience? We're the official concierge of FKK Clubs.Don't want to waste time, money or make common newbie mistakes? Not only do we know everything about the clubs, history, owners, staff and girls (info not found on the internet) but we can open doors others can't, get things done others only wish they could.. We're the connoisseurs of FKK Clubs so whether you need a private one on one tour guide or wish to join a seasoned group of guests we have you covered.

We offer multi day tours as well as just a few hours and one club. The first thing you'll notice is you're treated differently as a guest when with us. You won't just be another face you'll be a VIP. While everyone else deals with basic cold staff members we get better service and attention from top management. Everyone knows our guides and you'll notice this right away. Our info isn't second hand it comes directly from the source. We're not for everyone nor is everyone suitable as a guest. Our services are for special men who understand the value of quality and service. Anyone can drive you around or find their way to the clubs that's yesterdays news. We do it with style and have the connections to prove it. What we do better is get to know our guests and what they desire and need. With an endless database of talent and knowledge of who to match to your needs we steer you to success instead of costly failure.

The women know we don't bring losers but gentlemen and successful guests. We take pride in being discreet something the women respect as opposed to some guests who post everything about them on the internet.
Part of the game is if the women know you're a newbie or just a one time tourist they may not perform their best. Knowing your with us they know it makes sense to do their best. We match thousands of women to men each year because that's what we do. There's much more to finding the right woman than reading positive posts on the internet.Some women and clubs have been known to populate the internet with false information or positive reports. We teach our guests with decades of experience how to find the best women. We've developed several systems for our guests to avoid the common pitfalls and zero in on the gems.

FKK Tour offers 6 or 8 day package deals which include airport pick up and return, hotel, transportation to and from the clubs. Fluent English and German speaking guides with decades of experience and over 4000 successful tours. No one has more contacts, experience or knowledge about the FKK Club scene period. We've been around and trusted since 1995. Everything is arranged for you, just arrive at the Frankfurt Am Main Germany (FRA) international Airport. debaord your flight and your guide will meet you just minutes away. Nothing to worry about, you'll visit the best clubs with other English or Japanese speaking guests. Everything will be explained from the culture, history and official rules.

What do our Tours include

Economical hotel, transportation and guide services for the best FKK clubs, factories and site seeing. Paid via one secure and discreet credit card payment Guides speak German as well as English, are knowledgeable about the places you visit, the culture and ins and outs. We make it simple, arrive and meet your guide, sit back let us do the driving and planning. Our services do NOT include entry to the FKK Clubs or services offered within the clubs. Group discount entry is available.

FKK Tour Background

The acronym "FKK" stands for "Frei Koerper Kultur." Directly translated, means "Free Body Culture" and has long referred to the nudist lifestyle. This definition was adopted by German FKK clubs, which have been part of the German landscape for over 30 years. FKK clubs offer discerning gentlemen a place to relax in a discreet, legal environment designed for their pleasure. They're like health spas, where guests can have a massage or a sauna bath; enjoy catered, restaurant-quality food and beverages; and enjoy the company of attractive women, all at a reasonable price.

FKK Tour Quality

FKK clubs feature attractive women in their physical prime (18-30's). Women from all over the world work at FKK clubs, giving the customer a choice from many nationalities. Some FKK clubs feature a single nationality and cater to a specific taste; for example, Asian. The larger FKK clubs may have up to 125 women working on a given day. Most smaller FKK clubs also offer a good-sized selection. A guest is bound to find someone who appeals to him. Most FKK clubs maintain strict standards for service.

FKK Tour Value

Entry fees and entertainment fees are reasonable, even at today's exchange rates. There is no wasted time. Everyone pays the same price. No one is overcharged due to physical appearance or perceived financial status. Entry fees include food and beverages, and use of all facilities (saunas, swimming pools, etc.). Guests are encouraged to stay as long as they like.

FKK Tour Atmosphere

Men dress in spa attire (Clubs supply a robe or towel worn around the waist, and sandals). Women appear totally nude, or at most, in lingerie and bikinis, in natural lighting. Most FKK clubs offer a no-pressure environment, leaving the guest free to approach the women. There's no pressure to do anything. Due to the discreet nature of our business we're unable to provide you with direct contact info for our testimonials. We do guarantee them to be authentic and written by actual FKK Tour guests.

Best Service, Girls, Clubs and Experience

Worry Free Transportation

Worry Free Transportation

Forget about Taxi's, Trains, Buses or having to walk. No need for maps, GPS or driving. We do all the hard work for you. Just sit back, relax and chat with others who speak your language. You'll be with Experts who know FKK Clubs best
Nothing but Model Quality Totally Nude Women

Nothing but Model Quality Totally Nude Women

German FKK Clubs are World Famous for 18-28 year old International Model Quality Women providing GFE Service
We pick you up from the airport, all your logistics are taken care of.  Get to the best clubs on the best days and times

We pick you up from the airport, all your logistics are taken care of. Get to the best clubs on the best days and times

After a long day or fun the last thing on your mind is finding the hotel or worrying about what you had to drink. Our staff ensures your adventure of a lifetime is smooth and trouble free
Read a

Read a "Customer's Perspective" by Joe and Testimonials from our actual guests

FKK Club Experts, no one knows more about the clubs, history, management and Girls. We offer the most complete online solution and two decades of satisfied guests
We offer several types of tours as well as FREQUENT TRAVELER discounts

We offer several types of tours as well as FREQUENT TRAVELER discounts

We take pride in offering a BETTER TIME by joining our tour so we offer Frequent Flyer discounts as well as Senior discount rates.
What's it going to cost me to attend a tour?

What's it going to cost me to attend a tour?

Click on this image to get to our cost page for more details on costs and links to pages with more info on logistics

FKK Club Tour Testimonials

Joe S.F. CA USA Lawyer 52
I've been on over 5 of these trips and will keep doing them cause you can't beat the cost. FKK Tour does all the trip planning, reservations, driving and navigation, things I don't want to worry about. Germany is now my number 1 adult destination.

Bob OR FL USA Doctor 52
My biggest problem is time and FKK Tour went out of their way to plan my trip to make the most of my time off. It's easy, just get off the plane, they pick you up, sit back enjoy the view, they know all the best clubs. After a full day of fun you won't want to be the one driving or worrying about anything but sleep anyway.

Lee SD CA USA Doctor 48
I've made so many friends on these trips. You'll see more going with the tour as they are most efficient in getting you to the clubs. The guides are always helpful and available to translate and work out special requests from the ladies. I go as often as 3 times a year.

Arnie OC CA USA Writer 38
I used to frequent Nevada till I went on my first Germany FKK tour years ago. You can't compare the quality of women, the service and especially the price. Even after going to the clubs alone I prefer going with a group and the tour. When you compare the hotel, transportation and time, taking the tour makes total sense.

Tako TY Japan Engineer 28
Company include Japanese translator which made easier for me. I like the many model type women, quality is number 1, service is like Girl Friend. Women and clubs were very friendly to Asian man. Guides do all driving and work, you relax and enjoy the many women. 

John LB CA USA Banker 36
I was skeptical at first but after my first trip I was hooked. The women I could only dream of are plentiful and the price is right. I've driven in Europe before and it's not fun or easy. I arrived as a stranger and by the end of the week I had a bunch of new friends who enjoy the same hobby. Everything they say on the FKK Tour web site is true, it's a great deal and the best way to go.

Martin LV NV USA Attorney 35
I checked these guys out before reserving my seat. They answered all my questions, helped me plan my flight and were there for me the entire trip. I can enjoy the German beer and not worry about driving or finding my hotel. This will be my 3rd trip. Believe me this is the ultimate adult vacation deal and FKK Tour makes it even easier.

Alex LA CA USA IT Engineer 45 

I've been to Thailand, Nevada, Mexico, Holland and even Canada but nothing holds a candle to these German FKK Club tours. No need to go out and search for women, no surprises as they're all nude without the low lighting you find at strip clubs. You don't pay for sitting with them, you only pay for the actual fun in the room. No rushing, no women who are afraid of touching you and best of all they actually seem to enjoy it. The clubs are impeccably clean, safe and even provide your food and drink at no extra charge. The girls I talked to even have regular medical check ups. No problems getting into the clubs cause the FKK Tour guides know club management well. Did I mention SELECTION, it's true, nothing compares, you're like a kid in a candy store with women from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Terry SJ CA USA Retired 64

I'm over 60 and I thought I'd be with a bunch of young studs, but to my surprise the average guy was about 45. My next worry was being older that I'd have trouble performing so much. Forget Viagra, the women were so hot and into me I did 6 the first day. Everything is explained to you in English, the club rules, pricing and even some tips that really helped me get the most out of my trip. Never could have done this alone of without FKK Tour.

Dean NY NY USA IT 33

I'm Black and I was worried about how I'd be treated by the women and clubs. I had heard that some clubs don't allow non- Germans. FKK tour ensured me I had nothing to worry about, in fact being Black was a positive as lots of the women were attracted to me. Never got turned down and never had a problem getting into the clubs thanks to Fkk Tour. 

Jeff NY NY USA Handicapped 32
FKK Tour is a handicapped friendly company and made a special effort to help ensure me a great time. Even the ladies did not have a problem with my handicaps. I was treated like all the other guests and had a great time. Truly the best time for your money. 

Jess CA UA Handicapped 48
FKK Tour went out of their way to make my trip simple, fun and safe. They picked me up from the airport, got me special treatment at the clubs. Explained the rules, pricing and even helped me pick the right women. Most companies won't deal with Blind or handicapped folks but FKK Tour welcomed me.

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