How many guides attend a tour and what’s expected of them?

A minimum of (1) guide will escort the group, but often we supply more Guides who are available 24 hours a day during the tour. They speak both German and English and will provide translation when needed. Guides are well connected and known by club management and streamline entry, explain club rules, costs, talent suggestions and offer tips. Guides also do the driving and are very familiar with the terrain. Their knowledge will come in handy for ATM’s, Banks, Money Exchange, Food and Sightseeing. An experienced guide and driver allows you to kick back and relax in between clubs, and ensures you get from point A to point B quickly and safely both day and night. Clubs are almost always in remote rural areas and hard to find. Guides can be very handy should you have a language problem between you and the girl or the club itself. Yes, the guide enters the club with you and stays with you during your stay. The guide won’t be with you when you go to a room with your selection. Guides most often have a wealth of information about the BEST women and who does what. This ensures you the best time as our guides frequent all the clubs and pride themselves with up to date info.
BENEFITS #6#7#8#9#10#11 #12: They translate, they Guide and inform, they look out for you, they have knowledge about the country, knowing the way gets you there FAST and saves you time, there to help you 24 hours, they know the BEST women and can arrange special requests.

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