Can you help me find a discount airfare?

Try these links:
Start with
Enter your city of departure, use Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) as your destination airport.
We like this link because they’ll provide time of arrival and the best rates.
This link sometimes offers lower rates, however they don’t provide times in advance.
Sign up for FARE WATCHER after you register (free) and enter all your local departure airports. You’ll instantly get emails as rates change. You’ll also know the best rates to your favorite destinations when you log on.
Good place to start your search and get an idea of what airfares cost.
Low airfares, but does not provide time of arrival.

Change the date of departure and arrival by one or two days. Often, this can make a huge difference in the airfare. Some airlines have lower rates when you fly on weekdays and some when you include a Saturday night stay. We do offer the ability to extend your trip by 1-2 days after or before your tour just for this reason (please check in advance for availability of extra days). You also have the option of arriving early or staying an extra day and doing some sight seeing on your own. Airline fares can change in an hour, prices often go down as well as up 60, 30, 14 and 7 days prior to departure. If you don’t live too far from other major cities, it’s worth checking airfares from other nearby departure cities. Join Travelocity and use FARE WATCHER, list ALL your possible departure airports well in advance of your trip and take note of prices.

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