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2. Add your report to the correct forum “FKK Bernd’s – Schieferhof
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International Sex Guide discussion forum Germany


Reports must include the following:
1. 500 word minimum (should include some if not all of the topics below)
2. Girl’s name, description, hair, eyes, body, skills, where she sits at the club, where you encountered her
3. Your experience with each girl, what you did, where you did it, how did it end, what did you pay?
4. Your location where you had the experience in the club, what else you did when not with a girl
5. Club in general, location, outside appearance, inside, staff, did you get a massage?
6. Food, what did they have, what did you eat?
7. Rooms, which one did you use?
8. Pros and Cons of the club
9. Experience with the tour
10. Overall experience with the club

Please use the form below to submit the URL (Link to where your report is posted) and your name to request free entry.

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