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There’s been a lot of talk about how this will affect things at the clubs. The official date of the change is July 1st 2017. The problem is while there are specific laws that address medical checkups, Condom less sex, working under the table, pimping and trafficking for a few they’ve yet to name which part of government will enforce the law. There are several government agencies which may be used such as Police, Health department, etc. or even a totally new agency. Until they determine who enforces the new law no one knows how the law may affect things.

For example lets compare the smoking law which took place a few years ago and compare that to the prostitution law. While the smoking law which basically states every business must have a smoking area away from non-smokers. Clubs that followed the law by the book created smoking areas away from non-smokers. Bernd’s, The Palace, Park Sauna Residence, World and Dolce Vita followed the law and obey it. They made changes and added smoking areas.

There are the clubs who don’t officially follow the rules. For example they have a smoking area however after a certain time they allow smoking everywhere. There are also clubs which don’t follow the law such as GT, LR, Babylon and Samya. They get away with this because so far the “smoking police” don’t come around and check. We’ve been told the first violation is 2500 Euros and some clubs are going to wait till they get fined till they obey.

That time may come sooner than later as this last trip we got info that the smoking police were in fact making visits to businesses to check up on them. Once you’re fined they visit often and each time there’s a violation the fines increase. Businesses that obey only get an occasional random visit.

How does this relate to the new Sex laws, well depending on who enforces the law will determine how the clubs address the law. Plus some of the laws we’re told are impossible to enforce such as the mandatory condom use. Whose going to come into a room to check if a condom is used? Plus the women are already under pressure and more competitive for business so demanding a condom is used will only decrease their income.

Medical checks and medical cards are a good thing and welcomed by all except those who can’t pass the medical checks. Even the low end AO clubs that exist in Germany are getting their own doctors to come in and do regular checks of the women. Because low end clubs are all about money they need to focus on keeping costs down for the women.

Last month we heard about customers who try and lure the women out on paid vacations. While most women came back with “how much are you going to pay me” on top of the free airfare, hotel and food offers. 

We also heard about high end guests who live in Germany and want to simulate a real relationship with a woman. They lure the women to spend the night with them at their nearby homes with shopping sprees. One report was for a 4000 Euro shopping trip. On top of spending the night the gal is expected to call the man everyday to ask him how his day is going or as if she is concerned. I guess it’s only fair the more you spend the more you can demand.

On one hand this is no different than what you get inside the club because its almost always about money and if you removed that the relationship would almost surely end. OK there are women that prefer some guests to others and guys who they genuinely like. Those are the sessions that stand out and part of the fantasy of being with someone who really wants to be with you.

We asked a working girl once “Why do you choose one man over another?” and she responded that often “it’s about whose easier to work with”. Young good looking men are not that appealing because they often work the women twice as hard and are far more demanding.

Moral of the story “It’s just business”.

The cold hard truth often hits you in the face when that favorite gal asks you for 4000 Euros because her parents can’t pay the rent and the mother is having a nervous breakdown. try getting that money back after she tells you it’s just a short term loan? In fact having personal knowledge of being asked for 4000e and knowing several guys who lost a chunk of change we attest to the fact.

A German guy a year ago was asked for 9000 Euros as a loan by an RO gal. She being in her 20’s and him in his 50’s he fell for this young attractive woman. He thought he had something special going with this gal. The moment the money changed hands as he handed over 9000 Euros in cash the relationship changed. While he expected her to become closer and more attentive the opposite happened. In fact she refused to see him again and made it appear he was stalking her. He went to the police who told him to his face “who in his right mind would GIVE one of these women that kind of money”? 

In the end he was banned from the club and the relationship ended. While this is less commonly done by western European women and much more common by the Romanians for example, it can happen with any working girl. So keep in mind when you find that special girl you feel you have a thing with. Being too nice can be taken as a weakness instead of strength. 

If you want a real relationship not based on money then remove money from the equation and see how she deals with it. Throwing money at her, trying to impress with expensive cars, nice home and big money will get you that, someone interested in what they can get not who you are.

Sadly the news is not good concerning Sharks. We’ve heard about this via the women and guests before but this last tour it really stood out. Sharks having become popular with locals and a replacement for the fall from grace Oase are now breeding higher prices. What we mean is many of the women are now demanding 60 minute sessions. This is done several ways, for example if you don’t agree to 60 minutes there will be no kissing and less service.

The problem starts when you use the proven method when a gal asks “How long do you want to stay?” and you respond “Let’s see how the first 30 minutes goes and if it’s good I’ll stay longer”. The girls are demanding 60 minutes or more precisely 100 Euros for service that includes kissing and a more GFE time. Should you cut the session to less than 30 minutes upon payment the woman may say “We agreed on 100 Euros”. However if you only spent 30 minutes you should only be paying 50 Euros. 

Once this takes place the woman then wants management to get involved which they can’t really do or demand but they do it anyway. They claim there was an agreement for 100 Euros, now what surprises us is that the club will side with the woman. This is where it gets ugly as the club can’t tell you what to pay and if you only did 30 minutes legally they can’t force you to pay 100. Management has said due to the laws changing in the next few months things may change and the women might be able to demand payment before going to the room. 

One of the things that made Germany’s clubs great was the fact that the club made the rules not the girls. Plus the club stood behind the customers because they valued their business. The Seamonster has recently left Shark’s and is back at World, if this is any sign of things to come it may be an Omen.

Successful clubs need to have a balance of good attendance by locals and a strong talent pool of good service women. Lose the balance and one of the two “Women or men” will decrease then causing the other to depart as well.

While the problem of more money demands by the women at Sharks is nothing new it does not seem to be a problem at GT. Remember not too long ago the clubs up north offered 50 Euros for the 1st 30 minutes and 25 Euros for each additional 30 minutes thereafter. The women always complained and finally that difference in hourly fees was changed by all the major players of the north. Meggi PL and Mimi TU is back as well as a few other famous faces. There are also a number of new women. It appears there are now (4) X Babylon women working at GT.

Living Room
Things don’t look good for Living Room the once favorite evening club. Casey, Ayesha, Alexia and a number of others have all left. The rumor is many of the girls are not happy with the new manager. It does not help that the German smoking laws are ignored and main room is almost always smoke filled. Expect a 70% turn over in the women working at the club. While there are several attractive, possible hot women working they’ll have to make names for themselves before things change.

Babylon still has a good deal of GFE providers however a few have since left for greener pastures. Monika RO and Maya BU are just a few of those who recently left. Anna RO, Alexia RO, Antonia MO, Claudia RO, BiBi DE, Mila RU are still working.

Park Sauna Residence
Beatrice, Roxanna, Arrina, Anna and several more old faces are back. As usual there are always some new faces to be found at PSR.

Things have gotten so good that everyone wanted to go back to World and perhaps twice during a tour. There are now a big number of hot women providing great services and all happy with the standard 50 euro fee. Not much new as far as the club goes still 47e before 1pm and 59e after. As stated before the Seamonster has returned, Luana is not working on Fridays anymore due to a problematic customer. 

Things have changed for the better at Samya both in the selection of women and the loud music. What we found is the day we visit makes all the difference and the fact that a good number of the regular Turks have switched to the success of Mondial on the other side of Koln. Mondial is a lower end sister club with 30 Euros for 20 minute pricing and a lower entry fee.

The day we visit Samya we arrive early which means all smoking takes place out back outside the club. The music does not begin to increase in volume until around 8pm. The food has gotten even better with Donners, personal Pizza’s cooked to order, rotisserie chicken and a German speaking women who cooks your eggs for breakfast. There are also a good number of sweethearts and hot women to be found. Plus there are some women from Russia, Poland and Germany for example. Very little pressure from the women and now the rooms have doubled in numbers so no wait times.

A new sauna and massage area is under construction and should be done by the time the April and May tours take place. The rooms that take up half the parking lot have also been completed. While some people have had not so great experiences at Samya it’s worth a new look. 

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