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2017 July Newsletter

Babylon has completed their new heated outdoor pool. Not just a cheap plastic fabricated one but an actual permanent cement walled pool and the extended club area is nearing completion. Once completed, there will be an entrance back of the club. The new indoor area in the back will include a large sauna and a huge whirlpool with garden views. We continue to be impressed with the ladies at Babylon – many Romanians but also ladies from Bulgaria, Africa, Germany, and other countries. Food is good with lots of variety.

Samya is another of our favorite clubs. With 50 euro entrance, a nice lineup of ladies, good buffet, spacious facilities and friendly management, it is one of the better mid-size clubs. Expect to find ~50 ladies in the evening , a good buffet breakfast plus made to order eggs and a nice evening buffet. Downstairs is the locker room, showers, wet sauna, dry sauna, massage area and relax room where sleeping is allowed. They also have a small upstairs outdoor area with another sauna, shower and relax area. It is better to avoid late evening times when the music is cranked up, there is a long wait for rooms and the customer base changes to a lot of young toughs.

Sixsens NL
Once again, We checked out one of Netherlands attempts at the FKK Club concept. One of the positives is the NL is not affected by the new German Prostitution law that took effect July 1st. The club is only a stones throw over the German border near the city of Aachen and about an hour drive from Cologne central station by car and 20 mins from the nearest train station – Aachen Bahnhof. The club is more like a bomb shelter as once inside guests are required to walk down several sets of stairs to the locker room, bar, sauna and rooms.

The system and prices are similar to Germany, entry daily from 11:00am to 2:00pm is 40 Euros and then goes up to 55 Euros. Lockers are confusing as you must learn to to program your own key. Food is basic but not sas good as the better German clubs. Nice outdoor pool area and roof deck with views. We did find a half dozen working girls from Germany who are giving the club a try as well. On our Friday visit, things started to get busy around 4pm then dropped off to almost nothing around 9pm – odd. We have found the club slow except on Fridays and Saturdays..

Club security in the evenings runs the club and is rude and no way to treat good paying guests. We were treated more like prisoners than guests. We were forced out as soon as we were dressed though we were waiting for others. Owners should be made aware that image is everything in this business.

FKK World Visited by Police
Some people refer to the visits as “Raids” but it’s common for police to make unannounced visits several times a year. It’s really about a surprise visit to check the books and documents of the working women. What’s new is police are now checking the customers for documentation.
On a Tuesday around noon, seven marked police vehicles pulled up in front of the club. Officers were dressed in SWAT like black jumpsuits. Several ran into the women’s barracks while some took over the management office and the rest stormed the club from all sides. Around 50 officers were involved. Women were herded to the main bar area while the men were held in the downstairs relax zone.

Half the guests were occupied with women in rooms while the rest were lounging around in the open. Police knocked on doors interrupting parties and escorting men them to their lockers to pay the women. I’m sure most never got to finish and some even thought it was a friend joking when they heard “knock, knock, Police come out”.

One German speaking guest said “this ends your fun for the rest of the day at the club”. He stated that all the women would message other working girls to avoid the club thus no more would show up for work. He also mis-informed guests that this would take 5-6 hours to complete. From having encountered a check like this before I knew 2-3 hours was the maximum delay. Plus these checks were common and it had no effect on the rest of the day once police left.

An officer was at each exit point near the relax zone making sure no one left the area. Men were all asked to stay seated. One staff member was available to get guests water or soft drinks and guests were allowed to use the nearby restroom when escorted with door open. After the speech by the German speaking guest, Police offered guests who wished to depart the club the option of being checked first so they could leave.

One by one guests were escorted to their lockers to obtain identification, most of them handing over passports which were then taken to another unknown location to be checked via a computer. Several minutes later, passports were returned. Women were also going thru the same process and also had to prove they were able to legally work.

Once completed ⅔’s of the guests left thinking this ended the day while ⅓ remained. Almost all the women stayed and the evening shift showed up as usual with no interruption so it was business as usual. Those less informed guests had lost their entry fee and day of fun because of misleading info. The entire event had taken about 2 hours from start to finish.

What the police did and did not do during our wait in the lower Relax area (with a football game being displayed): Several different officers some with street clothes, some with just vests and handguns came wandering thru checking rooms, cabinets and side areas. There were several taking photographs although not directly of the guests. You could see a police officer with large SLR camera taking photos both outdoors of the growns and indoors of each room. There was one cop with a helmet cam who was operating some sort of phone app as he systematically walked the club recording it. These officers were not the norm and when asked this was a temporary assignment because normally they’re assigned to crowd control and riots.

At other clubs these control visits are done differently – like the biggest club in the Dusseldorf area where only six officers visit and things are less restrictive for guests. This is normal and nothing new so don’t panic if you’re at a club and one takes place. The amount of time it will take has more to do with how many women need to be checked. You won’t be hassled by police, just follow their instructions and don’t cause problems. At some clubs you won’t be asked for anything.

GERMAN LAW changes as of July 1st 2017
As many of you may know, Germany has once again changed prostitution laws. Two of the main concerns are 1. Mandatory condom usage (including BBBJ) 2. Registration of real names and working names of the women providers.

Mandatory Condom usage is getting mixed results depending on the club spanning form from “nothing changed” to “everything with condom”. Your chances of being affected by the new law are far less if you travel with a known person who the women know and has a history with them. Women have a huge distrust for those who post on public forums and even management has placed some blame on such posters for being too explicit about details and info.

For years, We’ve have cautioned posters of internet forums need to take care in what they share. These forums are indexed by Google and almost everything written can be read by anyone. Men use fake names and post info giving women’s working names, descriptions and working addresses. How would those same men feel if the women posted their working addresses and descriptions? The people of Germany have spoken with the new laws in reaction to all of the careless, unwanted publicity.

It’s going to be similar to what happened in California a decade or so ago with Massage Parlours. Many offered paid sex on the side and as long as guests kept a good thing private it continued. However some people had to post who did what and surely enough LE found that info and those establishments got shut down. I’d be even more careful with PM chat as you really don’t know who you’re sharing info with and as a result you may destroy your own fun.

Remember this the next time you ponder the thought to write a detailed account of your romantic adventures. While you may claim you’re doing it to give back, inform others, help the girl or what ever justification you use, remember you may actually be doing more damage than good. Did you ask the girl if you can share this info?

For decades people kept relatively quiet and then all of a sudden AO (Alles Ohne) or (Everything without) became common. Many clubs advertised it in local newspapers right next to the grocery ads or obituaries. Imagine in your local newspaper you see an ad displaying “Everything goes” at a local brothel or sex club. Not to mention the increase in STD’s by the health department who are required to ask “Where did you contract this?”.

Women have a distrust of those who post on the internet. Remember you have no idea who is reading what you write. It’s common for readers to print copies and give the content to the woman. Some guys are even stupid enough to include dates, time and revealing info who the author was.

Use this as a guide “If you don’t want the same info about yourself shared with the world then don’t share it about others.In the end, this may mean going as a newbie with no or women you personally know and mandatory all-covered services or total refusal of service. Most men prefer BBBJ and may simply opt to go to other countries that are less expensive and where they can get what they want.

If you ask a girl if she does something “illegal” you’re most likely going to get a “no” to your question because she does not want to be caught breaking the law or agreeing to breaking the law. The next stupid thing we expect to see are online lists or specific names of women “who do” or those “do not”. Again would be a huge detriment to the hobby as this is just what government wants.

Our info comes (first hand) from several actual club owners, working girls and management as well as legal folk we interviewed and made inquiries to.

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