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Our info comes from club management, Why trust 2nd hand info from people you don’t know

Interested in checking out Germany’s Best FKK clubs? First thing you’ll need is a valid passport if traveling from outside the EU. For American’s start HERE getting a passport can take between 4-6 weeks. But no worries with Expedited service you can get one within 3 weeks.

While FKK clubs have been around for over 30 years they’ve been copied in Austria, Switzerland and CZ. Everyone copies Germany them but no one offers the same low cost and service found only in Germany. The first club which started it all is located near Bonn Germany see this page. Bernd’s Sauna Club started it all and most clubs which came after it copied the concept. A true FKK Club means the women are totally nude anything else is really nothing more than a brothel.

Are German FKK Clubs legal? You bet and taxed by government as well. Police make regular and random checks. Women from all over the world come to Germany to work at what we feel are the best paid adult services in the world. Why settle for one or two women when you can have over 100. Why settle for one nationality when you can have an international selection.

If you’re going to visit the clubs on your own here’s our simple advice which is also how you can spot the newbie’s. Once you enter a club, do as the locals do like the old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans”. Don’t wander around like an idiot opening doors or climbing stairs which no one else is doing. Learn some manners when dining with others and clean up after yourself. Dropping used towels on the floor or leaving them behind is a no-no. Every club has bins for used towels and slippers so use them. Finish your meal take your dirty dishes to the dirty dish cart (usually a rack for trays). Finish your drink drop off the empty glass or cup at the bar.

Not sure where things are, ask one of the staff or women to show you around (this may not work if they don’t speak your language so be polite). Don’t take up two parking spaces or park illegally if arriving by car. Check public transportation transit schedules before you go to ensure you don’t get stranded should you miss the last bus or train. If driving brush up on German driving rules and laws as they differ from the US.

Take great care when using local taxi’s. Due to the EU and vast number of immigrants taxi cab rip offs are becoming common. Think because a taxi is sitting out in front of a club it’s safe? Think again because you really don’t know whose driving. Don’t believe us check with local police because it happens all the time. Someone whose an obvious tourist (does not speak the language fluently) gets into a cab and has no idea where they are). The taxi driver does not log the fare or journey and drives the victim to a secluded area and gets robbed.

Getting your info off the internet? Just because some unknown person tells you something is OK or nothing has ever happened to them does not mean it won’t happen to you. In fact the internet is filled with people working for clubs and the women posting false and mis-leading information. We’ve built our reputation on our name with over twenty years of service and repeat guests. Think twice about the low ballers who are nothing more than previous guests who have a car and want to make a quick buck. There is far more to knowing the clubs, women and business than having visited.

Robes are usually a sign of a tourist because locals who frequent the clubs know nudity is what FKK clubs are all about. You’ll only look like an idiot wearing your underpants or T-shirt besides it being unsanitary. Remember “When in Rome do as the Romans”. The women think guys who wear undies are really just hiding their lack of manhood. While it’s not about letting it all hang out the point is fitting in and no standing out. On the other hand when dining or sitting in the club take care that your junk Is not hanging out.

When ordering a drink from the bar always use the word “Bitte” (combo meaning please/thank you) before your request. IE “Ein Cola Bitte”. Meaning “A cola please”

Showering is mandatory and will make all the difference in the service you receive. One tip we give all our guests is once you find the woman you wish to party with tell her you’ll be right back after you shower. This accomplishes two things, you get time to freshen up and she now knows you’ll be clean for her. Shower well, use mouthwash and cologne if you have it. Sorry but having showered a few hours ago at the hotel is not enough.

Often people who don’t do this are treated differently as the woman has no idea if you’re clean or not. You’d be surprised how many women report to us that men stink, was dirty, had BO or bad breath and it was torture in the room. It’s no different than a customer expecting a clean and fresh smelling lady. You’ll get the handy wipe treatment, no kissing, shorter service which all come down to a less desirable time.

Picking a woman basics is something we teach all our guests on their first visit. This is not as simple and straight forward as many guests think. You can increase your odds of a good time by learning all the tricks from your guide. For example “women who approach you” is usually (not always) a sign of desperation, lack of business or pressure sales. Women who do this usually are the less skilled or unpopular women. As opposed to women who are constantly being approached by locals for service. Some women who do this are looking for easy targets thus they approach. While we agree it may be they think you’re attractive however the odds of that are against you. Some of the best women are just available and you need to know what to look for.

Don’t ask a women “How old are you?”. A. Because it’s considered rude. B. Because they’ll probably lie anyway. The point is it’s not the best way to start a conversation and anyone who knows the women will tell you they’ll tell you what they think you want to hear. If you have to ask that means you’re unsure which tells them they can pass for an age they’re not. You can offer your age and comment about how young they look and they may just offer you their age on their own. That’s the proper way to find out. In fact the best way to get info is to offer your own first, such as where you’re from, your name, your age etc.

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