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You get what you pay for in this business. Plenty of ways to visit the clubs yourself and save a buck. We’ve heard them all, from renting the smallest of vehicles and sleeping in the car to visiting nothing but the cheapest clubs. Take care when dealing with parties who want a big chunk of cash when you arrive. Legitimate outfits who’ve been around all accept major credit cards and allow full payment this way. Booking your trip with a credit card is the only way to go and ensures your safety.

Europe has changed over the years since the EU or European Union. At first we all thought this to be a good thing ie one currency and no borders. As things progressed it’s done more damage than good but we’ll never know the full effects. Germans for the most part don’t like it, its caused inflation and loss of work. Just as millions of immigrants from the southern borders of the US have entered the US to work for cheap. Millions of immigrants from the east have flooded western Europe.

With the new talent pool which is how so many Romanian women entered the FKK club scene comes crime, unfair competition and lower standards. A German once told me years ago concerning the influx of RO women “It’s about picking out the good ones”. Decades ago there were few RO woman and a larger pool of Polish, Russian, CZ and Turkish women to name just a few. Now it’s common to find 75% or more RO women at one club. In fact the low end clubs are almost all RO and Bulgarian. We do our best to visit clubs which offer more variety and quality.

Imagine if the US had open borders with central and south America? On one hand the influx of low cost girls at clubs is welcomed by many. On the other many are Gypsies which even Romanian folk have issues with. Known for having pimps, ruthlessness and criminal activity buyers need beware. From personal experience not all are bad. The problems start when women work for less and push out women from other countries. Take care when considering taking a romance outside the clubs, which by the way is against club rules.

This also affects the local German staff at the clubs which are often replaced by lower cost workers willing to work for half the money. Add the fact that with so many new clubs the customer base has thinned out causing the clubs to make cuts. Competition between clubs has never been more fierce. Big clubs are buying small ones, small clubs are changing the way they do business. Offering all the sex you want for one low price. Allowing the women to do things which are considered great health risks.

Think taking a taxi is a better option? Think again, driving a taxi cab is quickly becoming the job of the lower class. Not too long ago a customer decided to take a taxi back to the hotel. He went missing that night and when he finally turned up a day later he told shared his story. He hopped in a totally legit taxi which was waiting outside the club. Gave the driver the address of the hotel and off they went. The driver noticed he did not speak fluent German and took advantage of the fact. Driving out to a remote area and robbing him of his iPhone, passport and cash. See the thing is the driver never logged the trip so there was no record. The victim did not get the license plate. Police informed us that this was becoming common. Just something to consider if you plan on doing this alone and using public transportation.

Don’t forget his vacation was destroyed having to visit a consulate for a new passport, no more phone and the loss of finances. He was lucky because he could have been beaten or even killed. Lesson learned and if you don’t think this happens go to your local Polizei and ask yourself.

While we still consider Germany to be one of the safest countries in Europe one must take care. Years back you could forget and leave your wallet in the security locker and go back to find it intact. Today you leave anything lying around at a club and your chances of getting it back are slim. We’ve witnessed iphones and wallets going missing if left unattended for just a short period. At low end clubs these extremes increase so know where you’re going and don’t always trust everything written on the internet. Above all never bring a large sum of cash for payment for a tour from someone you’ve never met. It’s best to use the ATM’s each day instead of bringing a big lump sum for spending.

Know what areas are safe to drive or walk in. Big cities have low income areas which even locals don’t venture into today. That means if taking the train or bus to a club take care in the evening and in remote areas. City centers and tourist areas are targeted all the time so best not to go alone or somewhere you’ve never been before.

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