FKK Club News 2016 August

August brought with it several very hot days as well as some cool to cold days. Right when you thought it was getting too hot rain and cool temps came to the rescue.

The biggest eye opener was a custom private tour for a long time guest who brought his woman along. The first such tour and probably the last but it’s more about who the woman was not the fact she was female. We all know these trips are mainly about women and sex. You’re constantly exposed to women during the tour and if you’re lucky you meet one that really rings your bell.

It’s all about how you get along with that woman. Some women are just easier than others to get along with. Could it be something about American women that caused this to all turn out so bad? After all constant nagging, manipulation, guilt trips, lying and domineering do get old. Many of us have come to the conclusion that relationships with women are best short term via the rental process and not the long term ownership agreement called marriage.

Imagine spending 6 days with a woman you felt had no positive traits. She never shut up but worse her words were all about belittling you hidden behind cheap compliments, sarcasm and lousy jokes. This woman had no sense of humor and always had to be right even if you knew she was totally wrong.

This type of abuse never turns out good because if you go along with it they do it more. If you try and fight it she only gets nastier and targets you directly. American women sometimes claim the men who can’t make it with women in the US travel overseas for women. But what about American women who can’t make it with American men? Where do they go? I’d heard that the fat, ugly American women who can’t find a US man travel to Africa of South America to find love. So what do the domineering and controlling ones do? They travel to countries where the men are not so outspoken or bold. Preying on the meek and quiettypes.

Remember some countries think of Caucasian American women as a benefit. I did my best to keep my mouth shut for days while that meek man ignored her rants. Pretty much any garbage that came out of her trap he ignored. The obvious comments only meant to steer him any direction she wanted. She turned his adult vacation into her own selfish European trip. A lesson learned and something we can all learn from. Some of us can’t tell the difference between a woman whose domineering and controlling from one who pretends to be caring and understanding.

I don’t know if this woman was born this way or she became this way due to some dysfunctional family. I’d had my share of experience with people like this so knew the patterns and traits. I saw right thru her mind games and abuse. 

The moral of the story is with every relationship comes learning and growth. The two parties will learn from their time with each other. It will have to get very painful for this meek man to begin to understand and see something is very wrong. Until that time I wish him well and hope it comes sooner rather than later. Because we all know with time comes deeper responsibility such as property, finances and offspring. Damaged women know all too well they need to dig a deep trench to keep their man in his personal prison. If he threatens to leave out comes the lawyers and court which being the process of striping him of everything he has worked for.

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