2022 12 NEWS 3 Day Tours Discontinued due to unreasonable expectations

For several years we offered a introductory 3 Day tour option which NEVER could be compared with 6 or 8 day tours due to logistics and costs. 3 Day tours were just an introductory option for guests who wanted a taste of what 6 or 8 Day tours offered. Guests need to understand “the BEST clubs” are not always near Frankfurt Am Main Airport. Plus 3 Day trips are offered at a reduced rate as they tag along with existing 6 and 8 Day tours. The problem we had were guests assuming a 3 day tour was a full 6 day tour but done in 3 days. It must be understood that 6 and 8 Day tours have two days of travel which can cover up to 250-300km each of those days. This is also something newbies or travelers thinking they can book one hotel location for their entire trip don’t consider. The biggest most expensive clubs (includes tourist traps) are usually located closest to city centers of big cities. If you don’t mind paying 150-400 Euros for services then this may work for you. Our tours focus on the best services at the most economical rate. In fact some of the oldest clubs are still offering 50e per 30 minute rates. But don’t assume on a 3 day tour you’ll visit these types of clubs every day. Hotels, fuel and other things have doubled and even tripled due to oil prices and natural resources skyrocketing in Germany.

Something else to consider are guests who don’t pay attention to booking flights and airports. Note “Frankfurt/Hahn (HHN) Airport” IS NOT Frankfurt Airport (FRA) it’s Ryan Airs misleading taking over of a small closed military airbase that is (2 Hours away) from Frankfurt Am Main airport. Plus Hahn does not have any train transportation of any kind just buses.  So don’t think Hahn airport which Ryan air renamed on it’s own to “Frankfurt/Hahn” is Frankfurt, it’s not and we don’t offer any pick or drop off services for Hahn.

There is good reason for the confusion. Hahn Airport (HHN) — formally named Frankfurt Hahn Airport — is tucked away in the woods and farmlands of central Rhineland-Pfalz. It is roughly an hour and a half drive west of the city of Frankfurt, and a two hour bus ride from Frankfurt airport.

Hahn became a public airport in the 1990s, but “Frankfurt” was added to the beginning of the name in 2001 when Ryanair began using the facility for its famous low-cost flights. A year later, Lufthansa sued Ryanair for false advertising since “Frankfurt” is really 120km away. But the case was settled under the requirement that Ryanair blatantly state the distance to Frankfurt.

Hahn has struggled financially, with numerous airlines and cargo carriers choosing to move operations away to more convenient airports. As recently as 2020 even Ryanair – Hahn’s biggest proponent – moved operations to Frankfurt. After filing for bankruptcy last year, the airport was bought by an investment firm and appears to be on a track toward revival.

The trouble is balancing convenience. Compared to Frankfurt airport (FRA), Hahn has dramatically fewer flight options, and is virtually inaccessible via public transportation. Hahn is roughly an hour and fifteen-minute drive from most of the KMC — and the airport is small which can save walking time. But the roads to Hahn are small, windy, and can get treacherous in the winter.”

The good news is we’re in the process of offering tours in Switzerland and Austria. Safe travels

Prices for tours are going up, for over a decade we’ve kept our rates the same however due to huge increases in fuel (Double what it was) and the changes in natural gas rates Hotels are all increasing their rates due the fear winter heating costs will triple. Everything has gone up, food, taxis, public transportation and even club prices. The women at most clubs started demanding 60e for 30 minutes instead of the standard 50e. Worse some clubs have allowed the women to charge anything they want. Even 100-150 Euros per 30 minutes has been encountered. As long as desperate tourists who don’t care about costs pay those kinds of rates prices will only rise and things will get worse.

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