2018 03 30 GoldenTime Easter Events

Event:  GoldenTime Easter Events

Starting 3/30/18


From Friday, March 30th to Monday, April 2nd Golden Easter days

For those who can’t stand it at home over the Easter holidays, or who are just up for “delicious square” (food AND women), GoldenTime has just the thing. On three Easter days, Good Friday (3/30), Easter Sunday (4/1) and Easter Monday (4/2), The Christian festival in the form of one or more culinary demanding celebrations is paid homage.

On the first two dates, there is a delicious and rich Easter brunch for the guests, which will certainly give even the most hungry male Easter bunny a feeling of complete satiety. For all those who do not just want to indulge in the physical lust for flesh, on Easter Monday a tasty, meaty Easter BBQ is served. We wish you a good appetite!



GoldenTime Saunaclub

Heidweg 1
41379 Brüggen

Tel.:+49 21638894760

ISG Post Link #7638

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