About Us

Who are we?
We’re a group of Germany enthusiasts with extensive experience in traveling to Adult Entertainment locations such as Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Nevada, Thailand and Mexico. After much trial and error trying to find the best service and locations, we began doing solo trips for affluent travelers who required guide service. Why worry about where to stay, driving, maps, which clubs are best or even with whom you’re traveling?

We’ve been doing this since 1995 and you needn’t worry about getting lost, getting taken or being denied entry at exclusive clubs as some clubs are now barring non-locals. Traveling with a group and experienced guide has many advantages. Your guide speaks the language, knows club management, has driving experience and has been to where you’re going. We travel totally discreetly and anonymously; our agenda is only available to paid members of each group to ensure security. Don’t take the chance of meeting a stranger from the internet who claims to have experience.

Our history speaks for itself, with thousands of satisfied clients. Our guides and business are located in Europe. For your safety, we accept credit cards and WILL be waiting for you when you arrive. Beware of fly-by-night outfits and con artists who accept PayPal, wire transfer and cash. Often, we get last minute calls from stranded guests who made deals with strangers on the internet. Discussion forums are filled with ‘know it alls’ who get info by assuming everything and knowing nothing in reality. This is how rumors and half truths begin. We get our info from club management and the actual owners. We solve problems and get results by working with the clubs, not pretending to know it all.

Do we get a commission?
No, we do not receive any commission from the clubs or the women. We offer discount entry to our guests to some of the clubs we visit. Taxis, on the other hand, often get a commission per person (usually 10 Euros).  You can confirm this when they insist on entering the club with you. This means taxi drivers take you where they get paid, not to the best clubs.

Have a problem at the club?  Who do you turn to?
If you’re with us you’ll have an experienced guide, plus management, on your side and know exactly who to contact. If you’re with an internet “Know it all” (who knows no one) you won’t get past the person working the front door or bar staff, who most likely will treat you like a stranger. Who does the club listen to, someone they’ve dealt with for over 20 years or someone they don’t know? The possibility of you being thrown out of a club and being banned exists.

BEWARE of scams and cheap offers from persons who claim to be guides! Never wire transfer funds, PayPal or mail cash. Make sure you know with whom you’re dealing.  Do they have an official email address or web site? Do they have an address or name where you can contact them? If not, don’t take a chance on arriving at a destination only to find your money is gone and no one shows up. Do they accept credit cards directly?  You’ll be stuck without accommodations, transportation or a guide.

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