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We’re proud of our reputation and the fact that you’re protected when booking with us. We only accept bank protected credit card payments. Check with your credit card company for more about how your booking is protected.
Take care when dealing with companies who want cash up front or a lump sum when you arrive.

Fraud Protection: Debit or Cash Versus Credit Cards
Protecting you and your purchases (Check with your own credit card company)

1,876 Euros* $1,999 US Dollars 6 Days
2,064 Euros* $2,199 US Dollars 8 Days
*Dollar Rate stays the same, Euro rate can change
Remember rates are in US Dollars. No currency exchange fees.
2017 Prices are subject to change without notice
Offers only valid for advance payment

6 Nights Special Offer Dates
June 25 – June 30 NOW $1,599 $400 OFF (Use Code JUN6DEAL)
July 02 – July 07 NOW $1,599 $400 OFF (Use Code JUL6DEAL)
8 Nights Special Offer Dates
June 24 – July 01 NOW $1,699 $500 OFF (Use Code JUN8DEAL)
July 01 – July 08 NOW $1,699 $500 OFF (Use Code JUL8DEAL)

June/July Rules
Use Coupon Codes above for discount
Offers can end at any moment, when all seats are sold
or on June 22, 2017

NEW Introductory Offer for NEW Guests
3 Days for $999
Offered only on specific dates if you’re curious and on a budget you can join a tour for half the rate of our normal 6 Day tour.
$999 June 23, 24 and 25 You depart June 26
$999 July 5, 6 and 7 You depart July 8
$999 July 9, 10 and 11 You depart July 12

Save 30% Senior Rates for guests over 65 (ID proof required)
Advance booking required 60 days save 30% OFF 6 and 8 Day Group tours

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We accept all major credit cards.

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