2017 12 04 GoldenTime Bad Girl X-Mas Party

Event:  Bad Girl X-mas Party

Party on 12/04/17


On December 4th, we open the doors to our traditional Christmas party in GoldenTime under the motto “Bad Girls X-mas”, starting from 11:00 am.


From 11.00 am-X-mas Welcome

From 11.00 am-Big X-mas Brunch

From 12.00 pm-DJ

From 13.00 pm-Lunch time

From 13.00 pm-“Sexy X-mas Girl”

From 14.00 PM-“The Christmas Angel”

From 15.00 pm-“duo X-Mas Man & X-mas Woman”

From 16.00 pm-opening of the cocktail bar

From 16.00 pm-“The Wild X-mas Girl”

From 17.00 PM-“Bad X-mas woman”

From 18.00 pm-Traditional Goose Food

From 18.00 PM-DJ

From 19.00 pm-“Lesbian Angel & Mr. X-Mas”

From 20.00 PM-“Three live sex X-mas Edition”

From 21.00 PM-“Weihnachtsbabe”

From 22.30 pm-X-mas snack

From 23.00 PM-“x-mas Fire Show”


GoldenTime Saunaclub

Heidweg 1
41379 Brüggen

Tel.:+49 21638894760

ISG Post Link #7408

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